Keyboard Initiated Camera Disabler Auto Reactivator

KICDAR General Operation Manual

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A device was required to curtail the surveillance of a designated area under the control of the faculty to safeguard their intellectual privacy. The device that will be used to accomplish this task is the “Keyboard Initiated Camera Disabler Auto Reactivator” or KICDAR. This device is integrated into the monitoring security system. The user controls the device by accessing a designated wireless keypad which is located in the same vicinity as the surveillance camera.

The KICDAR system is activated and controlled from a keypad by entering the proper security code. It can be enabled to extended the camera inhibit time or immediately reactivate the security system. The KICDAR system will automatically reactivate the security camera when the inhibit time has expired. The device will present both a visual and audible announcement of the system status.

Standard Operating instructions

  1. The red lamp will be blinking on the KICDAR annunciator indicating that the system is ready.
  2. Open the KICDAR keypad protective cover and enter the security code. Enter the pin: Please call ACC, 718-631- 6624 for PIN code, followed by #, 1.
    Photo of KICDAR Remote with Cover Open

    Two beeps will be heard from the keypad indicating the proper security code was entered. The annunciator will blink the green lamp once and a single beep.

    Photo of KICDAR Annunciator

    After a period of approximately 10 seconds, a verification blink of the green lamp and a single beep will be heard from the annunciator.

    This will be followed by a single long beep and a single flash of the green lamp. The yellow lamp will illuminate and remain on. The surveillance monitoring camera will be inhibited from operation for a 50 minute period.

    As long as the yellow lamp is on, the camera is disabled.

  3. To immediately reactivate the camera, enter the security code. The green lamp will blink once followed by a beep. Within a few seconds, the green lamp will blink quickly and a series of rapped beeps will be heard. The yellow lamp will be extinguished. The surveillance camera is once again enabled and functioning

Special Feature

The time that the KICDAR inhibits the surveillance system can be set in blocks of 50 minutes up to 150 minutes. This is accomplished by repeatedly entering the security code on the keypad, up to a maximum of three times. The unit will announce the number of times the code was entered by a series of beeps. Entering the keypad code more than three times will reactivate the surveillance system.

By: Jerry Sitbon & Mike Metaxas

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