What is Navigate360?

Navigate360 is Queensborough's new Student Success Tool. Navigate360 provides the ability for faculty, advisors, learning centers, and other student services to work together to support students throughout their academic journey.

For students, Navigate360 will help keep you on the path toward academic success and give you the tools you need to make the best decisions to complete your education.

Queensborough is joining all CUNY colleges in utilizing Navigate360.

What's Happening to Starfish

Navigate360 is replacing Starfish as Queensborough's Student Success Tool on July 1, 2024. Starfish will become "read-only" on July 1 and remain available in this mode through September 2024, meaning no appointments, notes, progress reports, or other information can be added in Starfish. You'll need to use Navigate360 for these activites from July 1 onward.

Historical notes and other information will begin to be transferred from Starfish into Navigate360 on July 1 and will take approximately one to two weeks to complete.