Auditions for Spring 2023 Production

Your Theatre Faculty Mentor

Every theatre major receives mentoring, from their first semester to their last, by a theatre faculty mentor who will work with you, to assist with:

An appropriate academic plan
Progressive artistic development
Timely graduation
Successful transfer

Email your mentor, anytime, with any question. We are here to help you.

The current mentor list is located below. New majors are assigned a mentor in the 4th week of their 1st semester. If you are a new major & do not see your name listed below, email Department Enrollment Coordinator, Professor Adair for assistance

A picture of students and faculty at the annual end of year theatre soiree

What Students Think About Theatre at QCC

Special Appreciation to: Khari Constantine, Alum (2015); Geovanny Guzman, Alum (2019); Delasia Vanterpool, Degree Candidate (2022); Victoria A. Villier, Alum (2015); Professor Adair; & The Office of Marketing & Communications.

Recommended Sequence

Your First Year: In order to support correct placement & timely graduation, for the first two semesters (30 credits), theatre majors are assigned a schedule of courses with a cohort of their peers. The schedule is designed to introduce students to the study of Theatre in higher education & includes foundational courses required for the Liberal Arts General Education component of the A.S. Degree.

1st Semester (15 cr.)

Acting I (TH-120; 3 cr.)
Stagecraft I (TH-131; 3 cr.)
Speech Communication (SP-211; 3 cr.)
English Composition I (ENGL-101; 3 cr.)
Mathematics/Cont. Society (MA-321; 3 cr.)

2nd Semester (15-16 cr.)

Acting II or Stagecraft II (TH-221, TH-231; 3 cr.)
Voice & Speech for the Actor (TH-153; 3 cr.)
Introduction to Theatre (TH-111; 3 cr.)
English Composition II (ENGL-102; 3 cr.)
Health, Behavior & Society (HE-102; 2 cr.)
Yoga (PE-530; 1 cr.)
Practicum in Stagecraft I (TH-132; 1 cr.)*

 3rd Semester (15-17 cr.)

Theatre Electives (4-6 cr.)
Chemistry in the Arts (CH-106; 4 cr.)
Flex Core 2A, 2D, 2E, or Option (3 cr.)
Flex Core 2A, 2D, 2E, or Option (3 cr.)
Practicum in Stagecraft I (TH-132; 1 cr.)*

4th Semester (14-16 cr.)

Theatre Electives (7-9 cr.)
Flex Core 2A, 2D, 2E, or Option (3 cr.)
Flex Core 2A, 2D, 2E, or Option (3 cr.)
Practicum in Stagecraft I (TH-132; 1 cr.)*

*required course, speak with your mentor to decide which semester.

In Your Second Year: students, in consultation with their theatre faculty mentor, select remaining appropriate Liberal Arts General Education courses & additional elective credits in the major to complement their concentration.

Concentrations (Acting or Technical Theatre): After the first semester, students choose a concentration in either Acting or Technical Theatre & complete Acting II (TH-221) or Stagecraft II (TH-231). Students choose a concentration, but all students are offered training & experience onstage, backstage, & front-of-house.

Degree Plan & Registration Resources

These resources will help you understand the degree plan, but speak with your theatre faculty mentor prior to registration.

A.S. Theatre Degree Requirements

Explore A.S. Theatre (Concentration: Acting) Degree Requirements

Explore A.S. Theatre (Concentration: Techincal Theatre) Degree Requirements

The Registration-Advisement Packet is a department created resource that allows students to keep track of their degree plan & progress. Email your theatre faculty mentor for a copy.

DegreeWorks is a web-based application that allows students to keep track of their degree plan & progress towards their degree. 

Explore DegreeWorks

Registration & Advisement Policies

If you wish to take part in a production, do not register for courses that begin or end after 5:00pm.

If you required 1st semester developmental placement, or did not successfully complete 1st semester assigned schedule course, in your 2nd semester, complete the appropriate 1st semester course to stay on track.

If SP-211, Speech Communication (2B) & TH-111, Introduction to Theatre (2C) were used to satisfy Common Core Requirements, you must take additional Theatre Electives to reach 60 credits.

To graduate in two (2) years, register for full "on-time" status (15 credits per semester or 30 credits per year with winter &/or summer courses).

Be mindful of the rule of "C or better." Anything below a "C" will not transfer outside of CUNY.

Register as soon as you can to get a seat in the course you want/need, on the day/time you want/need. Payment not due upon registration.

Theatre Faculty Mentor List (Spring 2022)

Professor Adair

Thomas Giron

Jesse Guzman

Fernando Mango

Stacie Miller

Ariana Miranda Cabrera

Domminic Paige

Rosana Quinones

Professor Cesarano

Freddy Bravo

Rosa Gonzalez

Derick Konan

Marisa Marin

Gerald Russell

Aniza Shannon

Safiya Yakubu

Professor Fulton

Nesya Cohen

Charissa Davis

Joseph Elliott

Kevin Imbaquingo Kuish

Diamond Randolph

George Waller

Axel Zarate

Professor Huggins

Sade Alleyne

Ari Branker-Tyre

Evan Evripiotis

Simon Lucik

Jazmin Rodriguez

Yves Romain

Jordan Thomas

Professor Jimenez

Alejandro Allende

Tyler Tomlinson

Giancarlo Rodas

Chris Yanes

Professor McGill

Hana Boachie

Christopher Cortes

Diego Cortes

Victor De La Vega

Katelyn Dougherty

Kristina Gomez-Shnorhokian

Bobbie Stevenson

Professor Yonker

Oghenetanure Adegor

Brittni Galindo

Joseph Lanzer

Jasira Mcintosh

Evangelia Pappas

Logan Rodriguez

Jessica Villalva

Start Planning Your Transfer

Students graduating with an Associate’s degree are extremely attractive to 4-year colleges. Colleges that may have been out-of-reach financially or academically after high school, now seek to fill vacated seats in the junior year, with many offering substantial scholarships.

Before you transfer, graduate. Completing your Associate Degree first, ensures your courses & credits have lifetime value. If you transfer before you graduate, your community college credits will be evaluated course by course reducing the chances that your courses & credits will transfer.

Articulation Agreements: We have agreements that allow graduates of Queensborough to complete a bachelor’s degree in an efficient manner after transfer, with the following:

Adelphi University
A.S. Theatre (Concentration: Acting) to B.F.A. Theatre Arts (Acting)
A.S. Theatre (Concentration: Technical Theatre) to B.F.A. Theatre Arts (Design/Technology)

The City College of New York (CUNY)
A.S. Theatre to B.A. Theatre

Lehman College (CUNY)
A.S. Theatre to B.A. Theatre
A.S. Theatre to B.F.A. Multimedia Performing Arts

Our graduating students transfer to:

CUNY (Hunter, City College, Queens College, Lehman College, Brooklyn College, York College)
SUNY (Binghamton, New Paltz, Oneonta, Oswego, Purchase)
Private (Adelphi, Marymount Manhattan)
Out-of-State (Howard University, Montclair State University)

Students work with their faculty mentor, college adviser, & the Transfer Resource Center to chart an appropriate transfer plan.

Begin your plan now with your faculty mentor.

Application Due Dates:

To attend in the fall: due as early as February 1
To attend in the spring: due as early as September 15

To request the "Theatre Transfer Packet", email Professor Adair

Explore the Queensborough Transfer Resource Center

Time & Work Requirements: Understanding College Credits

1 credit course = 3 hours of work each week
1 hour of in-class experiential learning
2 hours of external work/study (homework)

3 credit course = 9 hours of work each week
3 hours of in-class experiential learning
6 hours of external work/study (homework)

15 credit full-time semester = 45 hours of work each week
15 hours of in-class experiential learning
30 hours of external work/study (homework)

Credit Hour Policy and Procedures

Financial Difficulties & Emergencies

Please reach out for help if you need it, do not wait. There are many financial support services on campus to assist students who have financial difficulties. Should you have trouble paying your tuition, paying your rent, or purchasing a Metro pass, we have people and programs on campus to help. There are monies available to help when there is an emergency. Please explore the resources below and/or speak with your faculty mentor for guidance.

The Carroll and Milton Petrie Foundation Student Emergency Grant Funds

Lucille A. Bova Food Pantry

Single Stop USA

Get Involved

Free tickets to Broadway & Off-Broadway productions * Professional development workshops with guest artists * CUNY Stage Doors Program * Departmental Scholarships & Awards * Annual Meet & Greet for all theatre majors * 50+ Student Clubs *

JOIN: email & request to be placed on the list. Theatre majors will automatically be placed on the listserv. You do not need to send request.

Opportunities are announced via the Student Listserv, to your QCC Student Email account.

Department Scholarships & Awards

Each year, the department presents monetray scholarships and awards to outstanding students at the annual, student produced, Drama Society “Tin Foil Soiree”, our year-end celebration/awards ceremony. The monies can be applied toward continuing tuition or academic supplies at any college.

Departmental Service Award
exceptional contribution to the department

Chairperson's Award
exceptional academic work

Beverly Lockwood Award for Acting
exceptional ability

Leroy Paves Scholarship Fund
demonstrated merit: min. 3.0 GPA in the major
Award #1 - Full-time student: completion of 2 semesters/returning for a third
Award #2 - Full-time student: graduating & transferring to a theatre program

Stage Management Award
demonstrated merit & leadership

Department Jury

The jury is part of the department’s student assessment process.

At the end of each semester, students present a capstone project, a demonstration of technique, for a panel of theatre faculty. The jury provides an opportunity for students to showcase their work and for faculty to celebrate and assess progressive development.

Acting courses present a monologue, scene, or other demonstration of acting technique.

Technical theatre courses present a portfolio of course content, or other demonstration of technical theatre technique.

Formal grading of the jury is left to the discretion of the course professor. The department’s course syllabus will identify if a course requires a jury presentation. The professor's course outline will identify how a jury presentation may impact the final course grade. The jury is scheduled outside of regular course meetings.

Rehearsal Space for Students

Reservation Process
Rooms are available on a first-come, first-served basis for students who wish to rehearse on their own, outside of rehearsals or course meets. Email your professor, at least one week prior to your rehearsal(s), with the desired date(s) and start and end time(s) & they shall request a classroom for you. You will receive a confirmation email if your request can be granted. The earlier you place your request, the better your chance of getting a room. Notify your professor immediately if you will not be using a room you have reserved.

Care of Rehearsal Space
In the theatre we have a saying, “leave the room in better condition than you found it.” Leave nothing in the rehearsal space that was not there when you arrived. Chairs, cubes, props, etc. must be returned to their proper place. Food is never permitted in our studios or theatres. If you are in a classroom, be mindful of any food & drink items, & remove all garbage. Be considerate of those working in rooms close to you. Be mindful of the noise level inside your room. Close & lock the door when you are finished.

Helpful Links

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Nassau Residents NYC Discount Tuition Rate

About, A.S. Theatre

Theatre Productions

Questions? Contact Department Enrollment Coordinator, Professor Adair

Share Your Story. Stay in Touch.

Have a Theatre at Queensborough experience you want to share ? Please do.

Why did you choose Theatre at Queensborough? * What is/was the benefit of being a theatre major at Queensborough? * How did Theatre at Queensborough assist you in getting where you are today? * What advice do you have for new students entering our program? * Any thoughts you have are appreciated. 

Graduation isn’t the end of our relationship. Your journey continues, and we are here for you. Let us know where you are, what you are doing, how we can help, and how can we contact you.

Send your thoughts to Professor Adair

Campus Cultural Centers

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Kupferberg Holocaust Center Opens in a new window

The KHC uses the lessons of the Holocaust to educate current and future generations about the ramifications of unbridled prejudice, racism and stereotyping.

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QPAC is an invaluable entertainment company in this region with a growing national reputation. The arts at QPAC continues to play a vital role in transforming lives and building stronger communities.

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QCC Art Gallery

The QCC Art Gallery of the City University of New York is a vital educational and cultural resource for Queensborough Community College, the Borough of Queens and the surrounding communities.