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Digication is the leading provider of ePortfolio and assessment management systems. Digication develops its platform with students, faculty and programs and institutions needs in mind.

What are ePortfolios?

An ePortfolio is a collection of work developed across varied context over time. ePortfolios can assist in advance learning by providing students and/or faculty with a way to organize, archive and showcase artifacts.
ePortfolios allows faculty to evaluate students portfolios using technlogy, which may include videos, animation or audio.

Types of ePortfolios

  1. ePortfolios for assessment: where the audience is internal to the institution and the goal is to support institutional outcomes assessment
  2. ePortfolios for learning: where the audience is students themselves, and th goal is helping studnts exmine and reflect on their learning
  3. ePortfolios for employment: where the audience is external, and the goal is to provide students with a tool for showcasing their achievements to employers or transfer instutions

Benefits of an ePortfolio

  • Individual ownership, lifelong access and control
  • A tool for reflection
  • Flexible management and organization
  • Communication, connection and interaction
  • Portability and sharing


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Getting Started

Creating an ePortfolio is an exciting way to display your work online. ePortfolio allows you to take your work with you after ths semester, enabling you to build a shareable online academic portfolio.
Below are four areas you would like to keeo in mind when building your ePortfolio:
  • Create: as you move along,think creative about what additional sections ypu can add to refelct on your college experience;both inside and outside of the classroom.
  • Edit: add text, images, colors, and elements that reflect you as a student and who you aspire to be in ypur future career.
  • Publish: the ePortfolio automatically save changes. Saved changes provides you with a continous draft mode. When you are ready to share with you must click the "publish changes" button.
  • Share: be sure to know who you are sharing your ePortfolio with. There are different privacy settings that you can apply. Think about your audience when you publish content will impact their understanding of your experience at QCC.

Customizing your ePortfolio

Develop a theme
  • What do I want my viewers to see?
  • How do I want to represent my work?
  • What background colors do I connect with?                                                  
Organize your ePortfolio
  • It is important to create a timeline for your viewers so that they understand your wotk and the progress you have made.
Select a Color Palette and Text
  • Choose a color that matches your theme
  • Use 2-3 main colors
  • Choose a font that is easy to read

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Campus Cultural Centers

Kupferberg Holocaust Center exterior lit up at nightOpens in a new window
Kupferberg Holocaust Center Opens in a new window

The KHC uses the lessons of the Holocaust to educate current and future generations about the ramifications of unbridled prejudice, racism and stereotyping.

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QPAC: Performing Arts CenterOpens in a new window

QPAC is an invaluable entertainment company in this region with a growing national reputation. The arts at QPAC continues to play a vital role in transforming lives and building stronger communities.

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QCC Art Gallery

The QCC Art Gallery of the City University of New York is a vital educational and cultural resource for Queensborough Community College, the Borough of Queens and the surrounding communities.