Potential Research Projects

Parallel Web Access to Cloud-Hosted Giga-pixel Resolution Histopathology Images

Mentor: Dr. Esma Yildirim

Abstract: Whole-slide images are multi-resolution images with sizes in orders of multiple giga-pixels (e.g. 100000x100000 pixels at the highest resolution) generated with proprietary formats. To better utilize public access of these images stored in Cloud-storage systems (e.g. Amazon S3), this project will aim to develop RESTful services that will provide parallel access to certain resolutions and coordinates of the images based on user requests and send them to a Web client for visualization purposes. Java, REST, Javascript, HTML technologies along with Cloud storage APIs will be used in the implementation of the project. The developed service will access the WSIs stored on Cloud storage systems in parallel to decrease data transfer times. A client application will make HTTP requests for coordinates of the image and visualize it on a web page. The student will learn how to use these technologies and will be introduced to the cloud computing terminology and concepts.

Student Responsibilities:

  • The student will implement a RESTful service using Java technologies and several libraries to access the cloud storage system (e.g. Amazon S3) to read a WSI dataset in parallel and test the efficiency of the service by a client application(most probably a webpage with javascript code). To enable parallel data access, the student will research about the most appropriate file format and write code to convert the WSI files into that format.
  • The student will be expected to have a cloud computing account on Amazon Web services, which provides free-tier access for the first year of enrollment’ however requires a credit card information to register for an account.
  • The project will span two-semesters and require the student to attend weekly meetings and spend at least 10 hours of weekly independent study.


Prior knowledge of an object-oriented programming language and Linux operating system commands is a plus. 

Other projects may also be available

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