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Personal academic advisement is a key ingredient of the Queensborough Academies. You are assigned an Queensborough Academy Adviser who becomes your personal guide throughout your college career at Queensborough through program planning, selection of courses, understanding of degree requirements, and more. Your Queensborough Academy Adviser is your "go-to" person at the college.

Business Academy - (

Academy Lead Adviser Ms. Natalie Roopchand

College Office Assistant Ms. Carla McIntosh

Academy Advisers: Ms. Kendra Mason, Mr. Francis Magaldi, Ms. Crystal Moscat

Health Related Sciences Academy, - (

Academy Lead Adviser Ms. Gail Camille Patterson

College Office Assistant Ms. Wenmey Ting

Academy Advisers: Mr. Arthur Abramov, Ms. Amanda Ammirati, Ms. Deborah Karlin, Ms. Sabera Saadullah

Liberal Arts Academy - (

Academy Lead Adviser Ms. Sandra Sacrestano

College Office Assistant Ms. Emily Campbell

Academy Advisers: Ms. Adrienne Crosson, Ms. Patricia Beale, Ms. Mary Casatelli, Mr. Andre Coombs, Mr. Matthew Flood, Mr. Mark Tullio, Dr. Joan Greenhut, Mr. David Buckner

Part-time Academy Advisers: Ms. Kadiffa Brown , Ms. Ellen Faughnan, Ms. Haang Fung

Science, Technologies, Engineering & Mathematics - STEM Academy, - (

Academy Lead Adviser Mr. Scott Beltzer

College Office Assistant Ms. Jacqueline Pierre

Academy Advisers: Mr. Ryan Brannan, Ms. Edna Spencer

Visual And Performing Arts - V.A.P.A. Academy, - (

Academy Lead Adviser Mr. William Duque

College Office Assistant Ms. Monica Segura

Academy Adviser: Mr. Salvatore Pisciotta

Academy Advisement

Director of Academy Advisement
Mr. Frantz Alcindor

College Office Assistant to the Director
Ms. Lenny Sanchez

For preferred scheduling, visit your Academy Office now and make an appointment with an academic adviser. Walk-in advisement appointments are also available. Do not delay!

Students in College Discovery, ASAP, Services for Students with Disabilities, Veterans Affairs , International Students, and CSTEP are advised within those programs (see list above).

Business Academy Advisement Center, A-405A, 718.631.6376

Health Related Sciences Academy Advisement Center, M-326, 718.281.5139

Liberal Arts Academy Advisement Center, L-434, 718.631.6329

Science, Technologies, Engineering and Mathematics Academy (STEM) Advisement Center, S-124, 718.281.5340

Visual and Performing Arts Academy (VAPA) Advisement Center, H 337, 718.281.5190

Academic & Student Support Resources

L-422 - (718) 631-6370

L-432A - (718) 281-5174

Military and Veterans Services
(Main Office), Library 421 - (718) 281-5767

Transfer Resource Center
Administration 214 - (718) 631 6670

Career Services
L-429 - (718) 631-6297

Services for Students with Disabilities
S-132 - (718) 631-6257

Single Stop Financial Services
L-432A - (718) 631- 6347

Resources for Tutoring and Help

Academic Computing Center
L-117 - (718)631-6624

Campus Writing Center (CWC)
L-118 - (718) 631-6663

Foreign Languages and Literature Lab
H-240/241 - (718) 281-5338

Nursing Resource Center
M-333 - 631-6086

Services for Students with Disabilities Lab
L-115 - (718) 281-5771

Academic Literacy Learning Center
H-237 - (718)281-5709

Academic Literacy Learning Center Computer Lab
H-239 - (718) 281-5070

College Discovery Tutorial Services
L-118 - (718) 631-5645

Mathematics Learning Center (MLC)
S-216 - (718) 281-5625

Student Learning Center
L-125 - (718) 631-6660

For Faculty

What is the role of an Academy Faculty Coordinator?

Academy Faculty Coordinators area integral part of the success of the Queensborough Academies.  They provide a communicative bridge for their Academy across Academic and Student Affairs.  The Faculty Coordinators collaborate and communicate with Department Chairs, faculty, Student Affairs, Academy Advisers and students regarding academic advisement and course registration. They collaborate in planning, organizing and assessing engaging student experiences and maintain cross-disciplinary outreach to promote High Impact Practices and assessment of General Education outcomes.

What is the role of High Impact Practice Faculty Coordinator?

High Impact Practice (HIP) Faculty Coordinators facilitate faculty participation in HIP training to increase HIP equity and access for students across all academic programs. They promote HIPs and faculty teaching/learning initiatives in support of excellence in teaching and learning.

Academies Contact List

  • Dr. Kathleen E. Landy
    Director, CETL (Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning) | L 315 x5082

  • Dr. Andrea Salis
    Faculty Faculty Fellow for Academic Affairs, Assistant Professor, Health, Physical Education & Dance | L 316 x5146

  • Ms. Susan Madera
    Academic Program Manager for High Impact Practices | L 316A x5289

  • Dr. Victor Fichera
    Principal Investigator for the Academy Assessment Protocol| A 302 x6643

  • Dr. Ian Beckford
    Director of Policy Analysis for General Education and Student Learning Outcomes | A 206 x2161

  • Mr. Ed Molina
    Starfish Technical Lead, Office of Academic Affairs | S 245 x 5603

Faculty Coordinators

Business Academy
Ms. Linda Meltzer, Assistant Professor, Business | A 405 x5487
Dr. Cheryl Tokke, Assistant Professor, Business | A 405 x5423

Health Related Sciences Academy
Ms. Alexandra Tarasko, Professor, Nursing | M 322 x6085
Dr. Mangala Tawde, Associate Professor, Biological Sciences and Geology | M 215 x5506

Liberal Arts Academy
Dr. Rose-Marie Äikäs, Assistant Professor, Social Sciences | M 120 x5176
Dr. Maan (Jenny) Lin, Associate Professor, Foreign Languages & Literature | H 220 x5457
Dr. Amy Traver, Associate Professor, Social Sciences | M 121 x5319
Mr. David Rothman, Lecturer, Academic Literacy | H 324 x 5216

Science, Technologies, Engineering & Mathematics Academy (STEM)
Dr. Moni Chauhan, Professor, Chemistry | S 443 x5573
Mr. Danny Mangra, Associate Professor, Engineering Technology | T 9 x5714

Visual and Performing Arts Academy (VAPA)
Mr. Arthur Adair, Assistant Professor, Speech Communication and Theatre Arts | H 125 x5637

High Impact Practices Coordinators

Academic Service Learning
Dr. Sharon Ellerton, Associate Professor, Biological Sciences and Geology | M 422 x6627

Collaborative Assignments and Projects
Dr. Kathleen Wentrack, Associate Professor, Art and Design | C 106 x5788
Ms. Alisa Cercone, Lecturer, English | H 428 x5209

Common Intellectual Experiences
Ms. Susan Madera, Academic Program Manager for High Impact Practices | L 316A x5289
Dr. Robin Ford, Assistant Professor, English | H 416 x5392

Diversity/Global Learning
Dr. Meg Tarafdar, Assistant Professor, English | H 428 x5311

Undergraduate Research
Dr. Sharon Lall-Ramnarine, Professor, Chemistry | S 442 x5572

Writing Intensive
Dr. Robert Becker, Professor, English | H 419 x5421
Dr. Johannes Burgers, Assistant Professor, English | H 455 x6010

WI Online
Dr. Jeffery Jankowski, Associate Professor, Social Sciences | M 124 x5719

Campus Cultural Centers

Kupferberg Holocaust CenterOpens in a new window
Kupferberg Holocaust Resource Center and ArchivesOpens in a new window

Using the lessons of the Holocaust to educate current and future generations about the ramifications of unbridled prejudice, racism and stereotyping.

Queensborough Performing Arts CenterOpens in a new window
QPAC: Performing Arts CenterOpens in a new window

QPAC is an invaluable entertainment company in this region with a growing national reputation. The arts at QPAC continues to play a vital role in transforming lives and building stronger communities.

Queensborough Art GalleryOpens in a new window
QCC Art GalleryOpens in a new window

The QCC Art Gallery of the City University of New York is a vital educational and cultural resource for Queensborough Community College, the Borough of Queens and the surrounding communities.