Nursing Resources

The Clinical Nursing Laboratories

Medical Arts Building
Room M-361

“Help with a Heart”
“Help with a Heart”

Practice Lab Hours

Tuesday August 18 11am-2pm and 4pm-7pm
Wednesday August 19 11am-2pm and 4pm-7pm
Thursday August 20 11am-2pm and 4pm-7pm
Monday August 24 11am-2pm and 4pm-7pm
Wednesday August 26 11:30am-2pm

Hours of operation are subject to last minute changes.
*Please Note that the Center is Closed whenever the College is closed or there are no classes scheduled.

As dramatic changes occur in the health delivery system, schools of nursing must prepare their students to meet the challenges of ever changing responsibilities. It is our goal in the Queensborough Nursing Department to ensure a well-prepared graduate nurse who will be able to offer high quality health care to the public.

To assist in the preparation of our nursing students, the clinical nursing laboratories offer:


photo of Audrey
Laboratory Coordinator
Audrey Maroney, RN, BSN

Six part-time Registered Nurses

Mary Archer, RN Linda Brienza, RN
Arminda Ching, RN Mary Collins, RN
Carol, Ludwiczak, RN Gladys Maingrette, RN

Clinical Instructional Laboratories

Nursing professors have available to them seven spacious, well equipped labs in which to teach their students clinical skills. These rooms include hospital, geriatric long term care and home/ community settings

Clinical Instructional Laboratories

Practice Sessions

These lab sessions allow the Queensborough Nursing students to recieve supervised help as they practice skills taught to them by their clinical professors.

Study/Work Areas

We offer QCC nursing students, on a space available basis, quiet areas where they can study and/or work on their presentations and papers. Also available to them are various resources, including current nursing journals, textbooks, equipment and visual aids.

Medical Arts Building
Room M-333

The Nursing Resource Center is a multimedia Learning/Resource Center located in the Medical Arts Building, third floor (M-333). The Resource Center is designed to enhance lecture and clinical skills provided by the faculty.

The Center has a total of 60 PC workstations set up in groups to provide word processing, internet access, computer assisted learning media, CD-ROM based instructional material and NCLEX programs for Nursing Board practice. There is a network printer for word processing projects and development of Nurse-Patient Teaching Presentations. Equipment for both faculty and student use include: 2 large screen TV’s; 4 Overhead Projectors; a Portable Overhead Projector and 2 carts with PC based projectors for classroom use. The Center also has 6 laptops, 2 netbooks, 2 video cameras, and 2 digital cameras for faculty and student support. The holdings for the Nursing Resource Center consist of 115 DVD’s for student viewing.

Additional resources include Nursing Journals, a Home Health/Community Health Library of over 40 published works, and a Library of over 100 texts on nursing topics that may be borrowed. The Center has a coin operated copy machine for the convenience of the nursing students.

The Center’s staff provides student training in Word Processing, Presentation Techniques, and Internet Resources for Nursing Professionals.

Multimedia is selected to stimulate clinical reality to the greatest extent possible. A complete listing of all media holdings is kept in the Nursing Resource Center. Students and faculty are provided with a list of current and updated software each semester. Notification to faculty of newly acquired material is ongoing.

The Nursing Resource Center is open to nursing students in August during the following dates/hours:

Open 8:30am to 3:00 on the following dates:
Tuesday August 11
Wednesday August 12
Thursday August 13
Monday August 17
Tuesday August 18
Wednesday August 19
Thursday August 20
Monday August 24
Tuesday August 25

Wednesday August 26 Open 8:30am to 11am
Thursday August 27 Open 8:30am to 9pm
Friday August 28 Open 8:30am to 3pm
Saturday August 29 Open 8:30am to 2pm
Monday August 31 Open 8:30am to 8pm

Hours of operation are subject to last minute changes.
*Please Note that the Center is Closed whenever the College is closed or there are no classes scheduled.

Dates after this will be posted outside of the Resource Center

Orientation to the Nursing Resource Center is provided for all freshman nursing students. The Resource Center is staffed by a full-time HEO, two part-time CLT’s, and one College Assistant.

Barbara Caravanos
Barbara Caravanos

Janet B. Kovler
Janet B. Kovler
College Lab Technician

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