Clinical Nursing Application Information

Clinical Nursing Application

The Nursing Department will be distributing and accepting applications during the following dates:

Wednesday, October 24th 2018 - Wednesday, December 5th 2018

Mondays and Tuesdays from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Wednesdays from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Thursdays from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Location: M-302

Are you ready to Apply?

Go to the Clinical Nursing Application Checklist below.

Clinical Nursing Application Checklist

Are you ready to apply to Nursing?

__________ Matriculated Student at QCC

__________ Student Advisement Degree Audit Form
(via CUNY Degree Audit login page; Student Advisement; Degree Audit)

__________ Transfer Official Transcripts (in sealed envelope)

__________ Completed or Exempt from Speech Requirements

__________ Completed BI-301: minimum grade of C

__________ Completed ENGL-101

__________ Completed MATH-119 / MA-336

__________ Completed PSYC-101

__________ GPA 3.0 or greater from first grade earned in BI-301, PSYC-101, MATH 119 or MA-336 and ENGL-101†

__________ Updated Documentation of Legal Status in the United States on file with QCC Registrar's office

__________ NLN Pre-Admission RN PAX Exam results –Must be taken at QCC (must bring results)

If you fail a pre-clinical course you are ineligible to apply to the Nursing Program.

Students are permitted to increase their Application GPA by substituting a grade achieved in a higher level course. This substitution is allowed for one Course as follows:

  • Bio-302 for Bio-301
  • Eng-102 for Eng-101
  • PSYC-220 for PSYC-101

Nursing Admissions Information

Essential Competencies for Nursing

Communication skills, Interpersonal skills, Critical thinking, Motor skills, Sensory skills, Mobility, Good Moral Character.

Legal Status: As documentation of legal status in the U.S. is necessary to practice in the clinical agencies, applicants should have the necessary paperwork filed with the Registrar. The registrar notifies us if an applicant does not meet the requirements and your acceptance will be denied.

Curriculum Requirements

  • A Pre Nursing GPA of 3.00 in the first earned grades** in (EN-101, PSYC-101, MA-119 or MA-336, and BI-301) is a requirement for clinical application. It does not guarantee a seat. **Students are permitted to increase their application GPA by submitting a grade achieved in a higher level course. This substitution is allowed for one Pre-Clinical Course as follows: EN-102 for EN-101, PSYC-220 for PSYC-101, BI-302 for BI-301).

  • "C" or better in BIO-301, BIO-302 and 311 is required for progression in the Nursing sequence.

  • Evening Program is offered only in the fall semester.

  • Evening program must complete all biological sciences (BI-301, BI-302, 311) and PSYC-220 before entering NU-101.

  • All required remedial course work as determined by placement tests taken when entering QCC (reading, writing, mathematics, and speech) must be successfully completed. (eg. MA010, MA013).

  • Completed the Speech Placement Test (at Speech Department Room H125). Speech evaluation is required of all entering QCC students. Speech 007 may be recommended.

  • Time limits: 6 years for BIO-301 and 302, 5 year limit for BIO-311.

  • The Nursing department has no authority to award credit for transferred BIO grades you must contact the Biology Department (room M-213).

NLN PAX/ Requirements

  • All Applicants must submit NLN PAX scores taken at QCC with their application. There is no passing grade. The average composite score for accepted students is 110 or higher with a percentile rank above 50% in each tested area (Verbal, Math, and Science).Students wishing to achieve a higher PAX RN score can repeat the PAX RN after a waiting period of 4 months.

  • Students may only register for ONE PAX exam per semester.

  • Registering for multiple dates in the same semester will result in forfeiting your registration fee.

  • Please don’t register for the PAX exam until you have completed all the pre-clinical courses: BI 301, EN 101, MA 119/MA 336 and PSYC 101.

Additional Concerns for Success in the Nursing Program

  • Students are offered a clinical seat in NU101 for one semester. If you withdraw or achieve a grade less than C, you will be unable to repeat. All applicants should plan accordingly, to ensure that they have the necessary time available to achieve the demanding curriculum requirements.

  • If you have other significant obligations of work and family, complete all other requirements prior to NU101, to increase your chance of success.

  • Students who work full-time are advised to save vacation time and be prepared to adjust work hours if possible.

Clinical Application/ Review

  • Transfer students must be an accepted matriculated Queensborough Community College student for application consideration.

  • All prior coursework and grades will be evaluated when considering GPA for admission.

  • No transfer credit of nursing courses are accepted.

  • All students’ transcripts are carefully reviewed, and acceptance is determined by a combination of academic performance, as reflected by the Pre Nursing GPA, NLN PAX score, and supporting required courses.

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