Courses in Urban Studies

UBST-101, 102, 202 Urban Studies Internship Program

UBST 101 – 3 credits, requires 112 hours at internship site.
UBST 201 – 3 credits, requires 112 hours at internship site; Pre-requisite: UBST 101.
UBST 102 – 6 credits, requires 225 hours at internship site.

Open only to matriculated students who have achieved a minimum cumulative index of 2.5 and completed 24 credits and/or are recommended by the faculty. A student may register for a maximum of 6 credits in the internship program. The student is strongly encouraged to contact the supervisor before the start of the semester in order to secure optimal and timely placement. Internships offer on-the-job professional training in representative urban occupations such as social work, government, public interest activism, criminal justice, law, education, communications, health care, and cultural affairs. Students are required to work a minimum number of hours a week and attend regular meetings with the internship supervisor. A grade of pass/fail is based on work evaluations and a paper.

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