Courses in Sociology

SOC-101 Sociology (formerly SS-310)

3 class hours; 3 credits
Prerequisite: BE-122 (or 226), or satisfactory score on the CUNY/ACT Assessment Test.

Introductory analysis and description of structure and dynamics of human society; special emphasis on application of scientific methods of observation and analysis of social groups, intergroup relations, social change, social stratifi- cation, and social institutions.

SOC-125 Sociology and the Arts (formerly SS-325)

3 class hours; 3 credits
Prerequisites (and/or co-requisites): BE-122 (or 126) or satisfactory score on CUNY/ACT test.

This course will examine “art worlds” – the social activities through which paintings, photographs, music, theatre, dance, literature and other arts are produced – from the perspective of the social sciences and related disciplines. Attention will be given to works of art, audiences, stylistic conventions, evaluative processes and systems of arts distribution. This course will also consider the impact of new technologies on the ways that art is produced and distributed and the ways that we think about and respond to new and traditional art forms.

SOC-185 Introduction to Social Work (formerly SS-385)

3 class hours; 3 credits - Offered as needed.
Prerequisite: BE-122 (or -226) or satisfactory score on the English Placement Exam.

This course introduces students to the field of social work. The emphasis is on fundamental principles and values in a historical perspective. Students will gain an appreciation of social work services and the basic competencies needed to pursue a career in social work.

SOC-220 Urban Sociology

3 class hours; 3 credits
Prerequisite: SOCY-101

An investigation of the social, economic, political and cultural life of cities. Issues include housing, transportation, crime, the urban marketplace, fiscal governance, neighborhood revitalization, life-style and communal diversity, and the relationship of suburbs to the metropolitan core.

SOC-230 Sociology of the Family (formerly SS-330)

3 class hours; 3 credits - Offered as needed.
Prerequisite: SOC-101

The family as a social institution: its origins, structure, and process; social relationships and interaction patterns involved in dating, mate selection, marriage, parenthood; nature of family organization and disorganization; current trends in family structure.

SOC-240 Racial and Ethnic Relations (formerly SS-340)

3 class hours; 3 credits - Offered as needed.
Prerequisite: SOC-101

A study of racial and ethnic groups with emphasis on American society. Focuses on (a) nature of racial and ethnic differentiation; (b) assimilation, pluralism, and stratification as outcomes of intergroup contact; (c) the status of racial and ethnic groups in the economy, and the related issue of socioeconomic mobility; (d) the role of racial and ethnic groups in the political system.

SOC-250 Sociology of Gender (formerly SS-350)

3 class hours; 3 credits - Offered as needed.
Prerequisite: SOC-101

The feminine and masculine roles in contemporary society; historical, biological, and psychological traditions; sex-role differentiation in the process of socialization. Emphasis placed on the status of women in industrial society in terms of stratifi- cation, law, politics, education, the labor force, and race; contemporary social movements.

SOC-275 Media and Society (formerly SS-375)

3 class hours; 3 credits - Offered as needed.
Prerequisite: SOC-101

This course will introduce students to a sociological analysis of the mass media. Topics include the mass media and socialization; functionalist theory and the mass media; conflict theory and the mass media; the economics of the media industry and its influence on the products we consume; advertising; the hidden world of public relations; social life in online environments; the history of celebrity and the sociological implications of celebrity gossip.


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