Honors Philosophy Classes at QCC

We invite all those eligible to consider participating in the Honors Program of the College in Philosophy.

There are two ways you can do so.

1. Honors Contract:

Philosophy instructors will identify people who have a keen interest in thinking about and discussing philosophical issues and some skill in expressing themselves in different media They will be invited to:

a.) participate in a Philosophy Class with specific assignments arranged for them in consultation with the instructor. They receive honors credit for the class through a notation on the transcript. They fill out and sign a contract with the instructor.

b.) participate in discussions with other honors students on philosophical issues of interest to the group:

  • in the Philosophy Lounge at a time set aside for it by the group
  • at locations of interest to the group at times set by the group
  • at a website available 24/7 for the group that has a discussion board for their interaction and sharing of ideas and debates

2. Honors Class:

Taking an Honors section of a Philosophy class here at the college.
The experience can prove as rewarding as it is challenging.

Eligibility for Honors Class:
Incoming students with an 85 or higher average in High School
Any QCC student with a GPA of 3.4 or higher.

What are Honors Classes?

Enriched learning
Intellectually stimulating environment
Smaller , more interactive classes
Recognition for superior effort

What they are NOT

Not more issues covered than the regular class
Not more work than the regular class

What you get from a QCC Honors Class in Philosophy:
Greater depth in reading materials offered and required
More class discussions based on required readings
More discussion in class assuming that the class has done the required reading prior to class
More challenging and academically rewarding assignments - greater depth

An Honors Philosophy class is for you if you:

  • like to develop your mind and its abilities.
  • like intellectual challenges
  • like stimulating conversations with others, particularly people like you
  • like learning
  • like exploring ideas in depth
  • want to take advantage of a unique and enriched learning experience

So enroll in an Honors class

How do you get into an Honors Class?

Contact the Honors program to become an honors student at QCC. The program will provide any eligible student with authorization to register into an honors class.  It is an early registration appointment and the seats are reserved.:

Honors Scholars Program

Dr. Arthur Corradetti
Administration Building: Room 503
(718) 631-6344

Learn more about the honors program at Queensborough Community College.

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