Introduction to Psychology: SS - 510

Required Text: Morris & Maisto. Understanding Psychology. 6th Ed. Prentice Hall, 2003

Optional Material: Bishop & Mendoza. Study Guide for “Understanding Psychology” Prentice Hall.

Requirements: The requirements for the course include the chapters in the textbook indicated on the following pages, plus anything discussed in class.

Exams and Grade: Three exams are given during the semester. Each one has equal weight, with your final grade being the average of the three exam scores. Students should be aware that once a final grade is handed in it cannot be changed. It is up to each of you to earn the score you want. Dates for each exam are listed on the next two pages. It is important that you take each exam when given as make-ups will be allowed only in extreme circumstances. Based on the three test scores I should have for you at the end of the semester, your final grade will be determined by using the following grading scheme:

Final Numerical Score Final Grade
89% or more A
86 – 88 A-
83 – 85 B+
79 – 82 B
76 – 78 B-
73 – 75 C+
69 – 72 C
66 – 68 C-
63 – 65  D+
59 – 62 D
56 – 58 D-
55% or less F


You are expected to attend every class and to be on time. Six (6) absences are allowed. Anything in excess of this will lower your final numerical grade by one (1) point per absence, or may result in an unofficial withdrawal with a grade of WU.

Course Content