SS-510 Psychology-PNET

Please note: Prior to enrolling in this class(or any other PNET course), students MUST review the requirements and complete the eLearning Readiness Test available at at the following Student Readiness eLearning Program link

3 class hours 3 credits
Prerequisite: BE-122 (or 226), or satisfactory score on the CUNY/ACT Assessment Test.

Introduction to the scientific study of behavior and mental processes. Topics include research methods, biological bases of brain and mind, sensation-perception, sleep and states of consciousness, learning-memory, development, cognition-intelligence, motivation-emotion, personality, abnormal psychology-therapy, and social psychology.  Research findings and principles related to everyday life.

*IN-Class Meetings: TBA

*OUT of Class (Online) Time

-For a 3 credit course, students should spend approximately 9 to 12 hrs/week working on assignments/studying.

-Given that this class meets Partially IN-Class (1hr 18 min) plan to spend at least 8-10 hrs outside of class           


eLearning Courses: PNET


• In a PNET, or blended course, some class meetings, anywhere from 25% - 75% of the regularly scheduled class time, are held on-campus.
• The remainder of the class is conducted online using the Blackboard or Epsilen Learning Management Systems (LMS).