Email Services

QCC provides e-mail accounts for all currently registered Students; Full-time and Part-time faculty and staff.

For Students the E-mail address format is:
[FirstNameInitial + [LastName] + [the last two digits of your Student ID] @TIGERMAIL.QCC.CUNY.EDU see for details. Student E-mail is accessed via the internet at

For Faculty/Staff the E-mail address format is: [FirstNameInitial] + [LastName] @QCC.CUNY.EDU

Faculty/Staff computers are usually set up to access e-mail accounts with Microsoft Outlook. Please contact IT if your computer needs to be configured.

If the computer you use is shared by several people, or to access your email from any computer anywhere via the Internet, follow these directions:

  1. Using your web browser Go to
  2. In the Username box, type [Your User ID]
    Type your password in the Password box
  3. Click [log in]


Partime Employees  and Faculty/Staff – Request should be sent to the Director of Information Technology by your Department Chairperson/Director.

Students – Student accounts are automatically created for all registered students. See Student E-mail for further information.

Tiger Mail Class Rosters – To facilitate instructors communicating with their students, an Email roster list of each class/section is prepared every semester and emailed to the instructor. The list is kept up to date during the add/drop period.