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Liberal Arts and Sciences - Associate in Arts degree (AA) - Health and Behavior


Health and Behavior is a multidisciplinary concentration for students to learn how to help individuals and communities realize their full potential, make informed health decisions and attain their best possible quality of life. Students will learn the behavioral factors that affect human health and the role of behavioral theory, research and practice in the promotion of health and well-being.

This LA1 degree program with a concentration in Health and Behavior will prepare students to pursue further studies in health education, community health and other health-related programs which are offered at several CUNY senior colleges and other universities, such as York, Lehman, Hunter, Adelphi, Hofstra and SUNY Old Westbury.    In terms of career opportunities, CUNY’s 2012 “Jobs for New York’s Future” states, “…industry experts anticipate shortages for particular occupations, including…health educators.” There will be a growing need for health educators, including those experienced in addictions, mental health and stress management.

Health and Behavior Concentration

To complete a concentration in Health and Behavior, students must complete the major requirements below:

8-9 Credits

Choose from:

Health and Behavior Coordinator

Dr. Andrea Salis
RFK 216I
(718) 281-5146