General Information


Health and Physical Education in the Evenings

Equipment and Uniforms

Physical Education Waivers and Course Withdrawals

Students wishing to withdraw form a physical education, dance, or health education course must file the appropriate form in the Office of the Registrar and have it officially approved in order to avoid receiving a grade of WU or INC. Uniform and equipment records must be cleared by returning issued items prior to approval of withdrawal requests.

  1. To withdraw from a course for any medical reason, the student must make an official request which must be accompanied by a physician's report. These must be submitted to the Health Services office for approval.
  2. Students who are medically restricted must be assigned to modified activity by the Health Services Office. Graduation requirements in physical education and/or dance for such students must be satisfied by substituting activities approved by the College physician.
  3. A request for a Waiver for Medical Reasons of any required course in physical education and/or dance must be approved by the College physician upon admission to the College, or upon the first appearance of any new medical problem.
  4. Program Limitations or Waivers. Waivers requested for medical reasons, consideration of age, or any other extenuating circumstances, require the written approval of the chairperson of the Department.
    1. Students medically restricted by the College physician will be assigned to appropriate courses.
    2. Students over 35 years of age may request an interview with the chairperson of the Department to discuss a special program to fulfill their requirements.
  5. All health and physical education requirements are waived for veterans; they may, however, choose to take courses in health education, physical education, or dance for elective credit.

For purposes of this waiver, a veteran is defined as one who is eligible for Veterans' Educational Assistance under PL89-358, Veterans' Re-adjustment Benefits Act of 1966. To qualify under this act, one must have served in active duty for more than 180 days (exclusive of any time assigned to a civilian institution for a course of study offered to civilians), or served as a cadet or midshipman at a service academy, or trained for enlistment in the Reserve forces. This specifically excludes six-month enlistees under the Reserve Program authorized by PL-305, 84th Congress.