Academic Senate Meeting Minutes

November 8, 2022

Queensborough Community College

The City University of New York



of the November 8, 2022 Academic Senate


Steering Committee Chairperson Dr. Steven Dahlke called the first regularly scheduled meeting of the Academic Senate to order at  3:10 PM. The meeting was held in a hybrid format, with attendees both in M136 and on Zoom. Chairperson Dahlke chaired the meeting from M136. 


I. Attendance

52 votes were recorded at the time attendance was taken; 66 members of the Academic Senate were present during the meeting.


Absent: Aalai, Azadeh; Byfield, Carlene; Li, Jeremy; Mayeli, Azita; Mballo, Mohammad; McDonald, Alfred; Prince, Kezia; Van Der Horn-Gibson, Jodi; Vasquez, Chenyl; Vasquez, Odette; Williams, Constance 


II.   Approval of the Agenda

Chairperson Dahlke used unanimous consent to approve the agenda. There were no objections.


III.  Consideration of the Minutes from the Oct 11 Meeting 

Chairperson Dahlke used unanimous consent to approve the minutes. 


IV.  Communications from:


A.    President Christine Mangino


The Senate received President Mangino’s report. 


President Mangino invited senators to observe Veterans Day with QCC on Friday at the memorial gardens at 9:30am. 


President Mangino highlighted several successes in external funding sources and related initiatives, including $450k from the Robin Hood Foundation over 18 months supporting black male initiates, $30k additionally to purchase equipment for the resource room. QCC also received a $40k grant to help recruit NYC students. Plans will be developed to entice potential students to come to campus and enroll them in classes. During the annual giving period last year, $60k was raised; the goal this year is to raise $70k. President Mangino thanks all who plan on donating. 


President Mangino welcomed Ellen Hartigan back as Interim Vice President for Student Affairs and Enrollment Management. 


An incident on campus took place in which a student defaced a campus poster related to LGBT community efforts. President Mangino met with the LGBT student club. She related that it is disheartening to hear that this incident happened and reassured that QCC works toward the safety of all on campus. She reminded the Academic Senate that approx. 17% of students identify as LGBT and 10% identify as non-cis gender. Many on campus do not feel safe, and we must work to change that. 


The President highlighted CARES award announcements, congratulating Emily Tai, Karen Alleyne, and Belodine Perry who went above and beyond in uploading vaccination cards, assisting the food pantry, and other activities. Dr. Mangino looks forward to nominations in the coming months to celebrate our faculty. 


President Mangino encouraged faculty, staff, and students, to vote in the upcoming election and to please remind students to do so. 




B.     University Faculty Senate Liaison to the College 


Dr. Emily Sohmer Tai mentioned that in attending the October 25 faculty meeting, there are still some issues with quorum being worked out. She highlighted that Vice President Wendy Hessel, who was appointed Vice Chancellor of CUNY, spoke about ways in which she wanted curriculum to be informed by a robust discussion with faculty, and wanted to partner with faculty in making curriculum development more three-dimensional. The Vice Chancellor also spoke about interest in research to find if there are areas not fully explored regarding curriculum across CUNY. There is untapped student talent, and to an extent CUNY is working both with and against SUNY partners in recruiting. It was also indicated that she felt both the Humanities and Stem are important areas to consider. 





C.      Steering Committee Monthly Report 


Dr. Steven Dahlke mentioned that before the meeting began, we heard from colleagues about music they liked, and it seemed like a good way for senators to connect. We live in a new world in which we communicate in multiple ways. 


Dr. Dahlke mentioned progress on understanding quorum issues related to the Open Meeting Law. The latest communication from the Board of Trustees from October 2022 included that because of extraordinary circumstances the Academic Senate may operate as we are now until 2024, in which exceptions are considered on a case by case, meeting by meeting basis. During unfinished business, we can discuss any OML-related questions. A link to the Steering Committee’s weekly office hour is listed in the committee’s monthly report. Dr. Dahlke expressed thanks to Jessie and Ray for assisting the Academic Senate technologically, and also thanked Stephen Di Dio for his suggestions. 


Dr. Dahlke welcomed Carlene Byfield and Phil Nelan as new senators. In the spirit of openness, any senator who wished to be recognized was encouraged to stand. 


Lastly, Dr. Dahlke expressed that the next step is to assess governance pages. If anyone has questions on this matter, please bring them to the Steering Committee’s attention and it will be addressed. 



V. Monthly Reports of the Committees of the Academic Senate 


A.     Committee on Curriculum: 


             Actionable Item 1: Proposal for new course SOCY-290: Sociology of Work 


             Motion Passed 65-0-1


             Abstain: Khadija Kamara  



              Actionable Item 2: Proposal for course revision of ARTS-221: Color Theory 


              Motion Passed 66-0-0

B.        Committees on Admissions/Course and Standing:


              Actionable Item 1: Proposal to reduce Fresh Start policy absence period from 4 

              years to 2 years




             Dr. Emily Tai asked whether the shorter return period affected whether returning 

             Students would have to retake any courses, to which Dr. Sandra Palmer replied

             That the proposed change would not affect that policy. 


             Motion passed 66-0-0



VI. Unfinished Business 

A.  None 



IX. New Business

A.  Committee on Cultural and Archival Resources:


Dr. Franca Ferrari-Bridgers presented information encouraging faculty to engage with cultural centers on campus, which offer many resources that can be utilized in the classroom and from which students will benefit from those experiences. An online brown bag will presented on this topic. The purpose of the brown bag will be to demonstrate to faculty how to integrate cultural centers into curriculum and to demonstrate student experiences with these resources. Dr. Ferrari-Bridgers encouraged chairs and faculty to distribute the digital flyer to colleagues, and that the event will be recorded should interested faculty be unable to attend. 



Scott Litroff, Secretary 

Academic Senate Steering Committee

Campus Cultural Centers

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