Academic Senate Meeting Minutes

February 13, 2024

Steering Committee Chairperson Dr. Steven Dahlke called the fifth regularly scheduled meeting of the Academic Senate to order at 3:10 PM. Due to the snowstorm, the meeting was held on ZOOM, as all college activities were remote. Chairperson Dahlke chaired the meeting on ZOOM.

 I. Attendance

56 votes were recorded at the time attendance was taken, and 62 members of the Academic Senate were present during the meeting.

Absent: Andrea Alfaro, Nadia Baquaei, Mark Chropufka, Franca Ferrari, Daniel Garbin, Marvin Gayle,  Shenaz Georgilis,  Jonathan Janeke, Azita Mayeli,  Renaediaz Miller, Nickolas Pirovolikos, Celia Sporer,  Magala Tawde, Ashley Tobar, and Abdul Wahab

II. Approval of the Agenda

Chairperson Dahlke used unanimous consent to approve the agenda. There were no objections.


III: Consideration of the Minutes from December 12, 2023

Chairperson Dahlke used unanimous consent to approve the minutes. There were no objections.


IV: Communications from:

  1. President Christine Mangino

The Senate received President Mangino’s Report

A.  President Mangino thanked everyone who participated in the Flushing Lunar New Year march. An announcement was sent out regarding the elevators of QCC, an ongoing project. QCC offers training for supervisors for performance management. There will be a town hall meeting on March 6th to respond to people's concerns regarding the college's budget and state. The meeting will be on ZOOM, allowing people to ask questions and offer more dialogue. 

CUNY absorbed the first PEG (5%) of November. There is no information about January or April. 

The cafeteria located in the Science Atrium will be closing in March to begin the second part of the project. The Oak Dining Hall will be open to students. There is a new Starbucks opening next to the library. Concession stands will be opened in the Humanities building for people to obtain food, offering easier access. Farmers Fridge will be installing two vending machines at QCC. One will be in the basement of the Student Union Building and the second vending machine will be in the lobby of the Medical Arts building. The vending machines will have vegetarian options.

The Cloverdale Parking lot is open from 5 PM to 6 PM for people to exit the campus, and feedback is overwhelmingly positive. CUNY approved the childcare center, and bids will be going out shortly.

President Mangino will meet with elected officials to advocate for the CUNY and QCC budgets. President Mangino and some students meet with some PSC chairpersons to advocate for the budget. Phil Pecoraino, chair of the PSC, also participated in some of the meetings to give the PSC perspective.

The Dean of Faculty position has been posted, and some people are concerned about the affordability of the position and whether it is needed. There are full-time faculty on full release time to do the work the Dean of Faculty would be doing. The three faculty positions will not be replaced, and this will give the funding needed to reopen the Dean of Faculty line.

B,  Communication from the Liaison to the University Senate – Emily Tai

There is no report as the UFS plenary will meet on February 20th, and the report will be given at the March Academic Senate Meeting.

C.  Steering Committee Monthly Report

Elections will be taking place. Any senator's term who ends after the April 2024 meeting is eligible to run for reelection is encouraged to do so. The Senator Roster indicates when the terms of each senator end. New or reelected senators with terms ending April 2026 are listed at the top of the roster.

The committee selection process will begin soon. Anyone currently serving on a Senate standing committee, and if the 3-year term ends at the end of summer 2024, the senator is eligible to serve on another committee. Anyone not on a committee will receive an invitation to select a committee on which there is an interest to serve. The Committee on Committees conducts this process. There are some vacancies in the Academic Senate. Members are encouraged to serve. Emails will be going out soon.

There is a gathering for Black History Month on February 28th from 12:30 PM to 1:30 PM. A second date for the book Caste will be added to the President's Book Club.

V: Year-End Reports:

VI: Monthly Reports

  • Committee on Curriculum Report (Attachment B)

Approval of new course to Art and Design ARTS 392 Introduction to 3D Animation

The vote was unanimously approved: 64-0-0 

Approval of Program Revision from the Department of Art and Design -sequencing and course descriptions.

The vote was unanimously approved: 61-0-0 

Approval of course in the film and media production in the Communication, Theater, and Media Production Department having their Writing Intensive designations removed?

The vote was:

Yes:  61

No:     0

Abstain: 1 – Haishen Yao 

  • Committee on Bylaws Report (Attachment C)

Approval of the proposal by the Environment, Quality of Life, and Disabilities Issues Committee made a proposal to the Bylaws Committee for three wording changes.

  1. The Committee on Environment, Quality of Life and Disability Issues dedicates its efforts to addressing matters related to these essential areas.
  2. Participate when commissioned to review and report on College Master Plan regarding facilities and the campus environment including naming and renaming of facilities.
  3. Review the assessment of the campus with regard to services for students with disabilities and accessibility issues as the assessment relates and pertains to the campus environment and campus facilities and make appropriate recommendations to the Academic Senate.

The vote was:

Yes:  56

No:     0

Abstain: 2 - C. Julian Jiménez and Jennifer Gliere  

VII: Unfinished Business

  • There was a discussion on more club hours. Academic Affairs has lessened the number of classes departments offer during club hours. There were approximately 60 classes before the discussion, and for the spring semester, there are approximately 20 classes offered during club hours. For the fall semester, classes will not be scheduled during club hours. The only exception is possibly College Math. Discussion followed by faculty regarding some classes, such as the Massage Therapy Program, need to run classes during club hours for students to meet the required hours. Music has convocations during club hours. Nursing students have practice hours during club hours. There was a discussion about adding another hour for departmental and faculty meetings. President Mangino is open to any ideas about adding another club hour. 

VIII:  New Business


Meeting Adjourned at 4:06 PM

Philip Nelan, Secretary

Campus Cultural Centers

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Kupferberg Holocaust Center Opens in a new window

The KHC uses the lessons of the Holocaust to educate current and future generations about the ramifications of unbridled prejudice, racism and stereotyping.

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QPAC is an invaluable entertainment company in this region with a growing national reputation. The arts at QPAC continues to play a vital role in transforming lives and building stronger communities.

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QCC Art Gallery

The QCC Art Gallery of the City University of New York is a vital educational and cultural resource for Queensborough Community College, the Borough of Queens and the surrounding communities.