Committee on eLearning

2023-2026: (9 Members)

Faculty Representatives (Name, Department (Term Ends)

  1. Tony Monahan (2024) - Chairperson
  2. Shenaz Georgilis, Secretary (2025)
  3. Fei Ye (2024)
  4. Humberto Morales (2024)
  5. Daniel Garbin, Mathematics & Computer Science (2025)
  6. Gabriel LataianuSocial Science (2025)
  7. Mohammad Javdan (2026)
  8. Barbara Frary (2026)
  9. Emily El Halouani (2026)

Student Representatives

  1. TBA
  2. TBA


  • Zivah Perel Katz, English, Steering Committee Designee
  • Arthur Corradetti, Dean for Institutional Effectiveness, Office of Academic Affairs

The Committee meets at 3:00 pm on Wednesdays during the week of the Academic Senate meetings.

Section 20. The Committee on eLearning

The Committee on eLearning shall consist of nine (9) faculty members and two (2) students. All faculty and students should be familiar with online instruction. Faculty shall come from different departments so as to be representative of the wide range of disciplines and degree programs at the college.

The Committee on eLearning shall:

  1. Report and make recommendations to the Academic Senate on all matters related to eLearning, in particular concerning policies and procedures related to the development of, support for, and offering of fully online, partially online, hybrid and web-enhanced programs, degrees and classes;
  2. Develop and disseminate guidelines, standards, and best practices in online instruction to the College;
  3. Serve as the faculty advisory body for the College’s program for certifying faculty for instruction in online modalities, as developed in conjunction with the Committee;
  4. Provide standards for assessment of the quality of online course instructional designs, reviewing and revising these standards as needed;
  5. Work on the assessment process and criteria related to the eLearning program of the College and report findings to the Academic Senate; and
  6. Serve as an advisory body for all matters related to eLearning.

Steering Committee Suggested Charges/Committee Goals

The eLearning Committee’s description of fulfillment of its Bylaws charges includes very helpful information tracking the committee’s progress in those areas. Please be sure to follow the instructions in the AR template, clearly stating whether the committee feels the work done with regard to any of its Bylaws charges have completely or partially fulfilled the duties of each charge. Doing so may help to focus the committee’s efforts in the coming academic year, and may also enable the Steering Committee to provide additional support should the eLearning Committee feel it is needed. 

At several points throughout throughout its 2022-2023 AR, the eLearning Committee describes ongoing work toward creating a resource guide for online teaching, which will certainly be a valuable tool for faculty in our current teaching environment. The eLearning Committee should set a goal for when this resource guide is expected to be made available to the QCC community, and to keep the Steering Committee apprised of this information so that it may provide support as needed. 

As policies regarding online instruction and online certification take shape, particularly concerning both student and faculty certification (as per the April 2023 meeting of the Academic Senate), the eLearning Committee should update its Committee Addendum Guide to include relevant information pertaining to those efforts, as it will surely prove useful to current/future committee members as well as the entire QCC community.

If the eLearning Committee has been producing its required Newsletters for the 2022-2023 academic year, unfortunately they are not linked in the committee’s webpage. Please be sure to make links available for this Newsletter. If the committee had not been publishing its bi-annual Newsletter, please be sure to resume doing so in the 2023-2024 academic year.


Committee Guide Addendum

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