Sujun Wei

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Associate Professor

Office: Science 442

Phone: 718-631-6272

Fax: 718-281-5078



2020-present, Associate Professor of Chemistry, CUNY Queensborough Community College

2013-2020, Assistant Professor of Chemistry, CUNY Queensborough Community College                           

2009-2013, Research Scientist, Department of Chemistry, Columbia University                                             

Professional Preparation

Ph.D., 2009, Columbia University, Organic Chemistry                                   

B.S., 2004, University of Science & Technology of China (USTC), Organic Chemistry                                  

Academic Honors

2014-present, Director-at-Large, Long Island Subsection of the American Chemical Society (ACS)               

2015-2016, Program Co-Chair, the 44th ACS Middle Atlantic Reginal Meeting (MARM)                                    

2017 & 2016, Mentor Awards from NY State College Science and Technology Entry Program (CSTEP)         

2016, ASSIST Travel Award from SACNAS

Undergraduate Research Students


Muhabbat Ahmedova

Feruza Turobova


Yi Jiang

Francisco Caban

Patrick Tuttle

Xiaofang Yu                           

Jiayi Xue                                        

Shanelle Smith

Student Awards and Honors

2019, Shanelle, Finch College Alumni Association Foundation Scholarship ($5,000)

2019, Shanelle, BNY Mellon Transfer Scholarship ($4,000)

2018, Shanelle, 1st Place Award of Oral Presentation at CSTEP conference

2018, Xiaofang & Shanelle, NSF-REU Summer Internship at University of Pennsylvania ($5,000 each)

2017, Jiayi, CUNY Don & Mary Ellen Passantino Scholarship ($1,000)

2017, Patrick, ACS-SCI Scholar Summer Internship at the Dow Chemical Company ($17,000)

2017, Xiaofang, NSF-REU Summer Internship at University of Pennsylvania ($5,000)

2016, Yi, QCC President’s Award for Outstanding Achievement in the Associate in Science Degree

2016, Yi, Gold Scholar of the Coca-Cola Community College Academic Team (national wide)

2016, Yi, Phi Beta Kappa Association of New York Scholarship ($1,000)

2016, Yi, NSF-REU Summer Internship at University of Pennsylvania ($5,000)

2016, Francisco, 1st Place Award of Poster Presentation at CSTEP conference

2016, Francisco, Outstanding Poster Presentation Award at SACNAS national conference

2016, Francisco, BioPrep Summer Internship at SUNY Stony Brook University ($5,000)

2015, Yi, NSF-REU Summer Internship at Vanderbilt University ($5,000)

2015, Francisco, NSF-REU Summer Internship at SUNY Binghamton University ($5,000)


Queensborough students italicized

19.  Mitra, G.; Low, J. Z.; Wei, S.; Francisco, K.; Deffner, M.; Herrmann, C.; Campos, L. M. ; Scheer, E.*

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18.  Sonbuchner, T. M.; Mundorff, E.C.; Lee, J.; Wei, S.; Novick, P.* “Triage and Recovery of STEM Laboratory 

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17.  Fu, T.; Smith, S.; Camarasa-Gomez, M.; Yu, X.; Xue, J.; Nuckolls, C.*; Evers, F.*; Venkataraman, L.*;

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16.  Sagan, C.; Jiang, Y.; Caban, F.; Snaider, J.; Amell, R.; Wei, S.*; Florio, G. M.* Oligofluorene Molecular  

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15.  Low, J. Z.; Capozzi, B.; Cui, J.; Wei, S.; Venkataraman, L.; Campos, L. M. Tuning the Polarity of Charge

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14.  Lall-Ramnarine, S. I.; Suarez, S. N.; Fernandez, E. D.; Rodriguez, C.; Wei, S.; Gobet, M.; Jayakody, J. R.

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13.  Lall-Ramnarine, S. I.; Fernandez, E. D.; Rodriguez, C.; Wei, S.; Dhiman, S. B.; Wishart, J. F. Transport     

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12.  Remy, R.; Wei, S.; Campos, L. M.; Mackay, M. E. Three-Phase Morphology of Semicrystalline

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11.  Remy, R.; Weiss, E. D.; Nguyen, N. A.; Wei, S.; Campos, L. M.; Kowalewski, T.; Mackay, M. E.

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       Part B Polym. Phys. 2014, 52 (22), 1469–1475. Highlighted as Journal Cover.

10.  Wei, S.; Xia, J.; Dell, E. J.; Jiang, Y.; Song, R.; Lee, H.; Rodenbough, P.; Briseno, A. L.; Campos, L. M.

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9.    Xia, J.; Capozzi, B.; Wei, S.; Strange, M.; Batra, A.; Moreno, J. R.; Amir, R. J.; Amir, E.; Solomon, G. C.;

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8.    Liu, Z.; Wei, S.; Yoon, H.; Adak, O.; Ponce, I.; Jiang, Y.; Jang, W.-D.; Campos, L. M.; Venkataraman, L.;

       Neaton, J. B. Control of Single-Molecule Junction Conductance of Porphyrins via a Transition-Metal

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Prior to Queensborough:

7.    Chiu, C.-Y.; Kim, B.; Gorodetsky, A. A.; Sattler, W.; Wei, S.; Sattler, A.; Steigerwald, M.; Nuckolls, C.

       Shape-Shifting in Contorted Dibenzotetrathienocoronenes. Chem. Sci. 2011, 2 (8), 1480–1486.

6.    Loo, Y.; Hiszpanski, A. M.; Kim, B.; Wei, S.; Chiu, C.-Y.; Steigerwald, M. L.; Nuckolls, C. Unusual

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5.    Wei, S.; Wang, J.; Venhuizen, S.; Skouta, R.; Breslow, R. Dendrimers in Solution Can Have Their

       Remote Catalytic Groups Folded Back into the Core: Enantioselective Transaminations by Dendritic     

       Enzyme Mimics-II. Bioorganic Med. Chem. Lett. 2009, 19 (19), 5543–5546.

4.    Skouta, R.; Wei, S.; Breslow, R. High Rates and Substrate Selectivities in Water by

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3.    Breslow, R.; Wei, S.; Kenesky, C. Enantioselective Transaminations by Dendrimeric Enzyme Mimics.

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2.    Wu, Q.; Zhu, M.; Wei, S.; Liu, L.; Guo, Q. Photoinduced Electron Transfer in Host-Guest Complexes of

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1.    Wu, Q.; Zhu, M.; Wei, S.; Song, K.; Liu, L.; Guo, Q. Photoinduced Electron Transfer in

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