Unit V - Campus Accessibility

Queensborough Community is committed to the provision of access to all members of the campus community. The following is a list of accessible facilities.

Accessible Restrooms:

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Every location on campus that has a computer lab for student use, has at least one fully accessible workstation which includes the following:

Additional assistive technology is available and may be installed as needed in any lab or classroom. Students should make an appointment in S132 to discuss any request for accommodations.

In addition the office of Services for Students with Disabilities maintains a fully accessible lab which is available to students for study, testing accommodations, assistive technology and tutoring (L115).

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Emergency Procedures

Important phone Numbers:

Security - (718) 631-6320 - Red phones throughout campus are direct links to campus security. Pick up the phone and you will automatically be connected.

Health Services - (718) 631-6375

In the event of a campus emergency, students with limited mobility should wait at the designated Emergency Wait Station on each floor. These locations are marked on every floor. Security will assist students to a safe location.

For additional information on safety in an emergency, please see “Wheeling to Safety” which is available in S-132.

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Agency-based Voter Registration for Students with Disabilities

Under the National Voter Registration Act (NVRA) of 1993, in connection with the provision of student disability services by the Student Affairs Office, Student Affairs is an agency-based voter registration site where voter registration application forms and information are available and where students will be offered the opportunity to register to vote. If you would like information, voter registration application forms (which we can mail in for you), or voter registration assistance of any kind, please call SSD  at 718-631-6257. Voter registration information and application forms are also available at the website for the State Board of Elections of the State of New York at http://www.elections.state.ny.us/Voting.html.

Conflict Resolution and Appeal Process

The office of Services for Students with Disabilities is committed to working collaboratively with students and the campus community. Every effort is made to ensure that students with disabilities are provided with the appropriated accommodations when requested. In the event that a disagreement should arise students should take the following steps:

SODA Club (Student Organization for Disability Awareness)

The Student Organization for Disability Awareness is dedicated to providing awareness to the campus community on disability issues. The club meets weekly during club hours (Wednesdays 1:00 P.M.—3:00 P.M.) in room Medical Arts Bldg. Room M-142.

Meetings are fun, informal and refreshments are generally served.

The club is open to students with and without disabilities. In addition, the Student Organization Disability Awareness (SODA) journal is published by the club for distribution throughout the campus.

All interested students are welcome and encouraged to join!

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