Faculty Executive Committee



Alexandra Tarasko, Chair
Philip Pecorino
Nathan Chao
Joseph Bertorelli
Anne-Marie Bourbon
Wilma Fletcher-Anthony
Anthony Kolios

August 2011

Dear Colleague,

As Chair of the Faculty Executive Committee (FEC), I am delighted to welcome you into our community. Having been a faculty member here for over twenty years, I can say that Queensborough has a long history of academic excellence and innovative initiatives in education that take place within a community that values the diversity of its members. It is a place where faculty take pride in their commitment to serving students, promoting their success and using best practices in teaching/learning.

Our College’s mission states that Queensborough “is committed to fostering a collaborative learning-centered community” and provides “a rich general education core aimed at enhancing students’ critical thinking skills.” To this end, our faculty are engaged in practices across the disciplines that help develop the student as a whole individual. Among important initiatives on our campus are high impact strategies such as writing intensive courses, service learning, ePortfolio, cornerstone courses and learning communities, all of which play a significant role in our Freshmen Academies.

Faculty receive support for their initiatives through our Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning (CETL) and our WID/WAC program which helps prepare faculty for writing intensive courses. Faculty are also offered many opportunities to incorporate the use of technology such as Blackboard and ePortfolio, as well the use of multimedia in their classrooms. A growing number of faculty are involved in online courses. Faculty also have educational opportunities available at the Harriet and Kenneth Kupferberg Holocaust Resource Center and Archives and the Queensborough Art Gallery. All of these practices and resources help students gain a broad, meaningful experience in their learning process which ultimately helps to prepare them for an ever-changing world.

The Faculty Executive Committee is an integral part of the governance of our College and committed to supporting the rights of the faculty. The FEC holds a General Faculty Meeting once each semester that promotes awareness of current issues facing faculty. The FEC also supports faculty development. In conjunction with the Office of Academic Affairs, the FEC sponsors an annual Conference of the College showcasing the work of faculty involved in pedagogical initiatives. These meetings provide a venue for discussion and collaboration. We welcome your participation.

Alexandra Tarasko
Chair, Faculty Executive Committee