Faculty Handbook

Faculty Responsibilities

Teaching Load

The full-time faculty teaching load is twenty-seven (27) contact hours per academic year, which can be averaged over three years. Article 15.2 of the most recent Agreement between the University and the Professional Staff Congress states that adjunct lecturers or adjuncts in other titles, excluding graduate assistants, shall not be assigned a total of more than nine (9) classroom contact hours during a semester in one unit of The City University of New York. In addition, such adjuncts may teach one course, of not more than six hours, at another CUNY unit.

Reassigned Time for Untenured Faculty

Untenured Assistant Professors, Associate Professors and Professors, including untenured members of the professoriate who are assigned as Librarians or Counselors, who received an initial appointment to those titles on or after September 1, 2006 receive a total of 24 hours of reassigned time to engage in scholarly and/or creative activities, during their first five years of service in the professoriate. This reassigned time is intended to provide an environment that maximizes the individual faculty productivity related to their intended project. A mutually-agreeable, multi-year plan should be developed that adequately balances the department’s instructional need with the scholarly release time needed to accomplish the faculty member’s anticipated goal. Untenured faculty members should discuss their scholarly plans and scheduling of reassigned time with their chairpersons.

Selection of Textbooks

Except where departmental policies prescribe text selection procedures, faculty may select required course textbooks that they feel are best suited for both teaching and learning needs.

Office Hours

Full-time teaching faculty must maintain at least three (3) hours per week of office hours. A faculty member’s office hours should be posted in the department. Adjunct faculty are strongly encouraged to hold office hours. For more information on adjunct faculty office hours, please consult the Adjunct Faculty Procedural Guidelines.

Commencement of Attendance (COA) Rosters

The June 22, 2009 meeting of the CUNY Board of Trustees, the Committee on Academic Policy and Program Review recommended, and the University Board subsequently passed a resolution that uniform guidelines and procedures regarding verification of student enrollment be implemented university-wide.

  1. Class Commencement of Attendance (COA) rosters will be generated after the program adjustment period (first 20% of the term, i.e., the Form A cutoff census date) for distribution to faculty. Faculty are required to indicate by the end of the fifth week of each semester, or at least 1/3 into the duration of any session within a semester or term either affirmatively that the student has attended or is otherwise active and participating in the course (e.g. by submitting assignments, attending a required study group, academic conference or tutorial) or negatively that the student has never attended any of the classes since the beginning of the term. Faculty must access these COA rosters via their CUNYfirst account.
  2. Where the College has established the student did not begin attendance the College must assign the administrative withdrawal of WN and inform the student. Beginning Fall 2009, WN administrative withdrawals will have no impact on students’ grade point average.
  3. A date of attendance is neither requested nor recorded.
  4. The College designated office updates the collected information into its student record system by the end of the sixth week or first 20% of the term/session.
  5. Since CUNY is a non-attendance taking institution daily attendance records are not collected by the College Registrars.

Scheduling of Classes

Classes are held at places and times designated in the official schedules issued by the Registrar. A classroom or time may be changed only with the written consent of the department chairperson and the Registrar.

Auditing: Student Visitors

Students not officially registered in a course may be permitted to visit the instructor. A student who expects to attend on a regular basis without a grade should register as an auditor.


Faculty members are encouraged to advise students on their academic programs during each semester in preparation for subsequent registration. In order to advise properly, faculty members are expected to become familiar with College policies and program requirements.

Final Examinations

Copies of all final examinations must be submitted to the chairperson. Departmental examinations are to be held as schedules in the College calendar (and NOT on the last day of class).

Attendance at Graduation

All instructional staff members are encouraged to attend and participate in graduation ceremonies attired in academic cap and gown.

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