Dr. Nidhi Gadura

Dr. Gadura

Associate Professor & Chair 

Department of Biological Science and Geology

Office Medical Arts Building - 425

Phone 718-631-6078

Email: NGadura@qcc.cuny.edu


B.S.(Honors) at York College, CUNY

M.S. at Queens College, CUNY

Ph.D. Graduate Center of CUNY

Courses taught:

  • Biotechnology BI-453 PNET (Writing Intensive & Honors)
  • BI-554 Research Internship (2 credit 90 hours research lab Internship in a QCC or external laboratory)
  • BI-201 General Biology Lec/Lab

  • BI-110 PNET (Partially Online) & (Fully Online in Winter)
Attention PA students!!
* BI-453 is accepted by SUNY Downstate & Touro College as upper division Biology Course for PA program
* BI-356 is accepted by SUNY Downstate & Touro College as upper division Biology Course for PA program

Current Research topics in the lab include:

  • Copper surface-mediated toxicity correlates with membrane lipid peroxidation in E.coli and S. cerevisiae.
  • Understanding the differences between copper surface mediated toxicity in gram +ve and gram –ve bacteria.
I enjoy training Queensborough students  all modern molecular and cell biology techniques.  Research experience plays a pivotal role in developing students who plan to pursue higher education degrees. If you are interested in research please contact me at NGadura@qcc.cuny.edu


  • Queensborough MSEIP U.S. Department of Education ($657,063) 2014-2017 Project Director – Nidhi Gadura, CoPI Paris Svoronos

  • CUNY 2020 Biotechnology Lab Renovation Component ($757,000) 2014-2015 PI VP Denise Ward
  • PSC-CUNY 2014-2015 ($3,500) PI Nidhi Gadura 

  • NIH BioPREP Sub-award from Stony Brook University 2014-2018 ($100,000) PI - Nidhi Gadura 

  • PSC-CUNY 7/01/13—6/31/14 ($3,500) PI– Nidhi Gadura

  • PSC-CUNY 7/01/12—6/31/13 ($3,500) PI– Nidhi Gadura
  • Copper Development Association 8/1/12—7/31/13 ($7,000) PI– Nidhi Gadura
    Testing the impact of various CuSO4 concentrations on Legionella pnemophilia.

  • PSC-CUNY 7/01/11—6/31/12 ($3,500) PI– Nidhi Gadura
    Study the role of plasma membrane unsaturated fatty acids in copper surface mediated toxicity in E.coli
  • Copper Development Association 8/1/11—7/31/14 ($21,000) PI– Nidhi Gadura
    Membrane lipid peroxidation mediated copper surface induced cell death in gram positive and gram negative bacteria.
  • US Department of Energy 9/29/10—9/28/12 ($20,874) PIs : Holden, Cheung, Gadura.           

  • N.Y. State Dept. of Education—Perkins Grant 7/1/10—6/31/11($67,000) PI—Nidhi Gadura
    Creating a “State of the Art” molecular biology lab at Queensborough.
  • PSC—CUNY 7/01/10 – 6/31/11  ($3,000) PI—Nidhi Gadura       
    Lipid peroxidation as a mechanism of copper- surface induced toxicity in E.coli.
  • Copper Development Association  7/01/10 – 6/31/11  ($10,000) PI—Nidhi Gadura       
    Lipid peroxidation as a mechanism of copper- surface induced toxicity in E.coli.
  • N.Y. State Dept. of Education—Perkins Grant 7/1/09—6/31/10($100,800) PI—Nidhi Gadura
    Biotechnology – Educating by Investigation
  • CUNY Community College Collaborative Research 2008-2009 ($30,000) PI—Todd Holden and Nidhi Gadura
    Use optical circular dichroism and bioinformatics analysis as a tool to study antibiotic induced evolutionary changes in E.coli gyrase.
  • Copper Development Association  8/25/08 – 8/24/09  ($8,800) PI—Nidhi Gadura       
    The major goal of this project is to investigate the mechanism of copper- surface induced toxicity in E.coli.



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