Science, Technologies, Engineering, & Mathematics (STEM) Academy

Queensborough Academy
The STEM Academy provides the highest quality of science education, scholarly research, and technical expertise to the people and industries of the United States.

Biotechnology (A.S.)

Dual/Joint Degree Program with York

Common Core Credits
REQUIRED CORE: I. A: English Composition I, II (Take ENGL 101 & 102) 6
REQUIRED CORE: I. B: Mathematical & Quantitative Reasoning (Required: MA 441)* 4
REQUIRED CORE: I. C: Life & Physical Sciences (Required: BI 201)* 4
FLEXIBLE CORE: II. A: World Cultures & Global Issues (Select one course) 3
FLEXIBLE CORE: II. B:  U.S. Experience in Its Diversity (Select one course) 3
FLEXIBLE CORE: II. C:  Creative Expression (Select one course) 3
FLEXIBLE CORE: II. D:  Individual & Society (Select one course) 3
FLEXIBLE CORE: II. E:  Scientific World (Required: CH 151)* 4.5
FLEXIBLE CORE: II: A, B, C, D or E (Required: CH 152)* 4.5
Subtotal 35
BI 202 General Biology II 4
BI 453 Biotechnology 5
BI 356 Principles of Genetics 4
BI 357   Bioinformatics/Computational Biology 3
BI 554  Research Laboratory Internship 2
Subtotal 18
Additional Major Requirements  
HE 102  Health, Behavior and Society 2
SP 211 Speech Communication 3
One course in PE 400, PE 500, or DAN 100 series 1
Subtotal 6
Free electives 1
Total 60
*Students are required to take particular courses in some areas of the Common Core that fulfill both general education and major requirements. If students do not take the required courses in the Common Core, they will have to take additional credits to complete their degree requirements.
All students must complete two (2) WI designated classes to fulfill degree requirements.