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Medical Office Assistant - Certificate Program

The modern medical office requires individuals trained in medical facility procedures, as well as administrative, technical, and secretarial skills. The Medical Office Assistant Certificate program combines medical secretarial skills with study of basic biological principles, public health sciences, and medical office clinical procedures.

Many career opportunities are available in the medical office assistant field. Graduates of this program will find they have a special advantage when seeking employment in physicians' offices, hospitals, clinics, and health maintenance organizations. Students also have the opportunity to gain on-the-job experience (see BI-950, 951, 952, Medical Office Assistant Field Experience; BU-909, Cooperative Education in Business).

The majority of the courses are offered in both the day and evening sessions. All courses carry college credit and may be applied toward an Associate or Bachelor's degree.

Students are advised to check course descriptions for prerequisites and corequisites.

For further information, students should contact the Department of Biological Sciences and Geology or the Department of Business.

General Education Core Requirements Credits
ENGL-101 English Composition I 3
BI-111 Introduction to Human Biology 3
Subtotal 6
Requirements for the Major
BI-340 Assisting in the Medical Office: Clinical Testing Procedures 2
BI-341 Assisting in the Medical Office: Medical Assisting Procedures 2
BI-520 Public Health Science 4
BU-903 Medical Office Procedures 3
BU-907 Word/Informaiton Processing Using Microsoft Word 3
Two courses selected from the following (dependent on typing ability): 4
Typewriting/Keyboarding I*
Typewriting/Keyboarding II
Advanced Typewriting/Keyboarding
Subtotal 18
--- Advised electives** 3
--- Free electives 3
Subtotal 6
Total Credits Required 30

*Students who have had previous training in typewriting/keyboarding may take BU-802 (Typewriting/Keyboarding II) and BU-803 (Advanced Typewriting/Keyboarding). Students should seek advisement from the Department of Business.

**Advisement is a cooperative effort by the Department of Business and the Department of Biological Sciences and Geology, and is conducted in line with the student's background, interests, and goals.