Learning Communities

The Office of Academic Affairs

Administration Building, Room 503 718-631-6344

What is a learning community? A learning community is a group of students who take two or more courses together. Students explore how what they learn in one course can help them more fully understand what they are learning in other courses. Whether you start in basic skills courses or in regular college courses, whether you’re not yet enrolled in a degree program of study or are a returning student working toward a degree, we have a Learning Community for you! Each Learning Community enrolls no more than 25 students. Learning Communities give you the opportunity to get to know other students and the faculty. They also can help make the transition to college easier and more enjoyable. To learn more, please contact the Office of Academic Advisement, Library Building Room 434, (718) 631-6329 or see your Freshman Coordinator.  There are some Learning Communities dedicated exclusively to Freshmen.

Why should you take a learning community? Being part of a learning community is fun: you get to know a group of students and a pair of professors well. Students in learning communities combine their learning strengths, and because the courses are linked, they understand the course material more deeply and from more perspectives.

Who can take a learning community? If you are in your first or second semester at Queensborough and your placement test results make you eligible for English 101, you should definitely consider being part of a Learning Community. If you need Basic Skills courses in Reading or Writing, or if you need MA-005, take advantage of the Learning Communities for Basic Skills students and the linked courses for Basic Skills students.

How do you register for a learning community? Look at the communities listed in this guide and select one that fits into your degree program requirements. The courses are linked in the computer, so when you register for one course, you will automatically be registered for the other course or courses in the learning community.

When should you register? Register as soon as possible, because there is a limited number of learning communities available each semester.