Writing Intensive Graduation Requirement

All freshmen and transfer* students who enroll in degree programs at QCC as of Fall of 2005 will be required to successfully complete two (2) credit-bearing Writing Intensive (WI) classes in order to receive the associate degree.

The Writing Intensive requirement is intended to foster and help develop the academic literacies important for student success in college. Writing Intensive classes are designed to build writing abilities: in small classes, faculty members design assignments to help students grow as writers while they learn course material.

In WI classes, students will be expected to complete a series of short papers as part of the course requirements. Students will be encouraged to submit drafts of their writing and will receive feedback in order to make revisions, as the writing component of the course will be evaluated as a significant portion of the overall grade. A list of courses containing WI sections varies by semester and may be found at www.qcc.cuny.edu/registrar/wi_courses.html.

Students must choose two (2) WI courses that would satisfy the WI requirement. Sections of the following courses will be offered as Writing Intensive. Please consult www.qcc.cuny.edu/registrar/wi_courses.html to determine specific offerings each semester. A "WI" will be listed beside each course section that is designated as Writing Intensive. Not all sections of the same course are necessarily designated as WI.  Students should select WI sections based on information provided in each semester’s Registration Guide and Schedule of Classes.

If you have a question about this requirement, or if you are unsure whether you have already satisfied the requirement see an advisor immediately.

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