Accessing ePermit through the CUNY Portal

In order to access ePermit you will have to login to the CUNY portal. If you have already registered for the portal, login with your portal username and password. The ePermit link is located in a module called CUNY ePermit.

If you do not have a VALID CUNY Portal username & password, or you're just not sure, go to the Frequently Asked Questions about the CUNY Portal page using the menu at the top of this page. Click on Quick Links --> Blackboard --> FAQs

‘My Page’ on CUNY’s Portal

Now that you’ve logged into the Portal you can customize your “My Page” by editing the modules on this page. Here you can add bookmarks, add text or html, create a task list and access your SSO (single sign on) links. SSO links are accessible depending on your campus affiliation. (e.g., Student, faculty or staff). You can access eSims, Blackboard, Epermit and E-journals and Reference Databases. Here is a view of “My Page” with the different modules.

CUNY My Page

This is a SSO module for a Student. You can not add links to this module. The links accessible are predetermined based on your campus affiliation. e.g., eSims, E-journals, CPE Reading Material and Blackboard are applications registered students would need.

Accessing ePermit

The ePermit link is inside the CUNY ePermit module.

Once you click on that link, you will be brought to a new page where you once again need to enter your CUNY Portal username and password.

After you click on the Login button, you will be brought to the CUNY Student Permit Application page.

Here you can check Pending Permits or Create A New Permit. You can access the CUNY Website, TIPPS Website and Schedule of Classes. You can check your Student Information or Sign Off.

Note: If you haven’t completed your ePermit you can always come back and pick up where you left off.

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