Freshmen Courses


ST-100 is designed to introduce new students to Queensborough Community College. Students are given information regarding academic programs and curriculum requirements, choosing and understanding their major, and how to  register for courses. Students also receive valuable information on time management, study skills, career exploration, and navigating the QCC website for resources available to them on campus .
*This class is open to all members of the college community, and is mandatory of all new full time freshmen.  ST 101 may be substituted for ST 100. (ST 100 is 10 hours per semester)

ST-101 is full semester elective course that is open to all first year students and those with 15 or fewer credits. Students will earn 1 credit while learning how to improve their study skills, manage their schedule more effectively, discover successful test-taking strategies, learn to negotiate their way through Queensborough, as well as how to choose a career, navigate the QCC website, and register for courses. You will become a master student with this course!

**ST-101 satisfies elective credit only for the following curricula: Liberal Arts, Liberal Arts & Science, Fine & Performing Arts, Business Administration, Business Management/Real Estate Concentration, Business Office Administration & Technology, and Medical Office Assistant. For students taking only 12 credits, this course may not satisfy financial aid requirements unless it is part of one of the above curriculum.


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