Most of us at Queensborough Community College have been affected in some way by the tragic events surrounding Hurricane Sandy, either directly or indirectly.  At such times, it’s normal for us to experience anxiety, vulnerability, sadness, anger and other reactions, and perhaps some difficulty sleeping or concentrating.  For most of us these responses subside naturally with the passage of a little time.

Understanding that our reactions are normal, talking about these with friends and family, and generally taking good care of ourselves usually go a long way toward facilitating healing.  It can also be helpful to limit the amount of disturbing media coverage that we see and hear.

The Counseling Center is available to offer support, counseling and resources to Students, Faculty, and Staff who have been affected by Hurricane Sandy.  Please feel free to visit our office if you would like to speak with a Counselor.  You may also click on the following link for helpful resources:

The Counseling Center
Library Building, Room 422

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