Astronomy Observatory at Queensborough


The Queensborough Community College
Observatory is the largest in a college in Queens.
Located on the roof of the Library Building, it houses a
new, high-tech 16-inch Cassegrain telescope. Stargazers can
see details on the Moon, excellent views of planets and some of
their moons, interesting stars, nebulas, and galaxies.

Students in the QCC Astronomy course (PH-112 Space, Astronomy & Our Universe Laboratory) attend at least one night observation session there during the semester. Their guests and other QCC students and faculty/staff are welcome on a space-available basis. Continuing Education offers stargazing for the Community periodically.

The QCC Observatory was built with a combination of funds. Students and members of the Queens community started the funding. Dr. Dinah L. Moché, professor of physics, received a major grant from the National Science Foundation to complete the funding and to set up a national model program in Astronomy at QCC. The first telescope, a 12-inch Cassegrain, was contributed by one of our QCC students, Harry Schneider. The QCC Observatory was opened in 1979.