Workplace Violence Advisory Team

Adams, Ellen Director, Personnel
Black, Jack Assistant Director, Public Safety
Cartolano, Joseph Chief Administrative Superintendent
Buildings and Grounds
Faulkner, William Interim Vice President, Finance and Administration  

Fletcher-Anthony, Wilma

Associate Professor
Florman, Lois (Chair) Director of Labor Relations
Human Resources & Labor Relations
Hocevar, Isabel Director, Health Services
Staff Nurse
Pantaleo, Josephine Chief Diversity Officer
Affirmative Action/Pluralism & Diversity/Compliance Office
Larios, Liza Dean, Human Resources and Labor Relations
Lash, Glenna HR Manager, Faculty and Staff Relations  
Locke, Edward Director, Public Safety
O'Brien, Kevin Administrative Superintendent, Buildings and Grounds 
Rodriguez, Mel Director, Environmental Health and Safety
Shaw, Mary Jane Title IX Coordinator, Domestic Violence Liaison