Payroll Services

The Queensborough Community College Payroll Office is responsible for the preparation, reconciliation and review/audit verification of all Tax-Levy personnel employed at QCC. This includes the review, formal examination and verification of input approved by Human Resources Management as well as the final payroll processed through NYC Office of Payroll Administration.

This site covers a variety of Payroll issues and will hopefully answer whatever questions you may have to present. Below is a brief outline:

Payroll Services has overall responsibility for the tax-levy payroll functions at Queensborough Community College. The mission of Payroll is to ensure that all employees are paid in a timely and accurate manner and that necessary data, records and reports are maintained and submitted in accordance with acceptable (CUNY) standards while complying with negotiated bargaining unit contracts. Actively promote and monitor compliance with appropriate State and Federal financial tax laws and regulations. Payroll staff provide outstanding and quality customer service through a commitment to excellence and continuous improvement.

Key Performance IndicatorCore Activities
  1. Customer satisfaction
  2. Accuracy
  3. Number of overpayments
  4. Number of returned checks
  5. Reconciliation of Payroll expenses
  6. Meeting deadlines
  1. Respect others
  2. Work and communicate as a team.
  3. Make sound, fair and rational decisions.
  4. Be accountable for our work and actions, and abstain from fraudulent conduct.
  5. Maintain the security of personal information, and handle with integrity and confidentiality.
  6. Access only data required to perform our assigned responsibilities.
  7. Ensure that all payroll transactions are properly recorded and reconciled on a routine and timely basis.

Payroll Services - Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How is the bi-weekly pay calculated for a scheduled teaching adjunct?
    Your hourly rate is multiplied by the hours taught for the semester.
    This amount represents your semester salary which is then divided into equal payments as determined by Adjunct Services.
  2. How do I replace a lost W-2?
    Please contact Payroll for a duplicate.
    The last three years can be replaced by payroll. Prior years are replaced by Office Payroll Administration. The request forms are available in Payroll.
  3. How do I replace a lost pay stub?
    Please contact Payroll to get a duplicate stub.
  4. How do you calculate my annual and sick time?
    Part time College Assistants accrue 1 hour for every 20 hours worked for sick time. For the first three year must work 500 hours for accruing any leave. After 500 hours accrue 1 hour annual for every 15 hours worked.
  5. How many hours can a part time College Asst. work per fiscal year?
    By contract part timers can work max. 1040 hours per fiscal year, provided the Dept. budget allows for it.
  6. How do I calculate my biweekly salary?
    The City of NY calculates your pay on a calendar basis (i.e. 14/365 X annual salary)
  7. Why doesn’t my gross pay on my W-2 equal my annual salary?
    In a normal year, an employee who is paid every two weeks will receive 26 paychecks. Based on the above calculation you are paid for 364 days. Actually you have worked 1 extra day that year. Once every 11 years you will receive 27 paychecks and that year you receive more on your W-2 than your annual salary.
  8. How do I get direct deposit?
    Fill out Direct Deposit for and attach a cancelled check or most recent savings statement with your name on it. Please note, only one direct deposit account is permitted.


  • Direct Deposit forms are available in the QCC Payroll department located in Bldg. A/ room A-406. This allows any eligible employee with an account at any Bank, Savings & Loan Association, Federal or State Chartered Credit Union or similar institution with that has Automated Clearing House (ACH) capabilities to have their ‘net’ salary deposited via EFT-electronic funds on a bi-weekly basis. A ‘voided’ personal check or a copy of a savings a/c statement is required for enrollment. The enrollment can be processed for the subsequent payroll. Participation in this popular program can be withdrawn at any time for cause or cancelled due to insufficient /negative Annual Leave balances.
  • ORDERED WAGE DEDUCTION FORMS (Family Court, Tax Levies, Garnishments, etc. ) are reviewed and forwarded to the Comptroller’s Office, the City of NY.
  • CHECK REPLACEMENT FOR LOST OR STOLEN PAYCHECKS: a Stop Payment on a paycheck must be initiated by an official ‘Stop Payment Request Form’ available in the Payroll Office (Bldg. A-Room A-406). The stop payment notice is forwarded to the NYC Comptroller’s office and an affidavit is sent to the employee. Within two to four weeks, a replacement check is mailed to the employee.
  • UNCLAIMED PAYCHECKS NOT DISTRIBUTED by the Accounting office within six to eight weeks are forwarded to the QCC Payroll Office for follow up calls/e-mails and the best form of communication requesting pick up to avoid cancellation with the NYC Comptroller’s Office.
  • W-4 and IT-2104 FORMS for withholding by Federal &  State, respectively are available in the QCC payroll office. Additional taxes from Federal & State can be withheld from bi-weekly paychecks by submitting one of the signed forms of approval.
  • W-2 WAGE ANDTAX STATEMENTS: Inquiries are investigated and researched if you ever believe there is a discrepancy in this annual payroll summary. Corrected and duplicate W-2 form requests are sent to the NYC Comptroller’s Office.
  • TEACHING/NON-TEACHING ADJUNCTS should never begin working until all necessary paperwork has been submitted and approved through the Adjunct Services Office. All Adjuncts are paid based upon the requests submitted to the Adjuncts Services Office by the respective Department Chairperson with the correlating hours noted on the approved timesheets. Consult with the Adjunct Services Department located in Bldg. A-Room A-204.
  • NYC Office of Payroll Administration has developed their own website at