Academic Senate Roster


Last Name, First NameDepartmentTerm Ends
Call, Diane President Administration

Administration (5)

Last Name, First NameDepartmentTerm Ends
Palmer, Sandra Academic Affairs Administration
Larios, Liza Faculty and Staff Relations Administration
Steele, Karen Strategic Planning, Assessment, and Institutional Effectiveness Administration
Ward, Denise Pre-College, Continuing Education, and Workforce Development Administration
Zins, Rosemary Institutional Advancement Administration

Department Chairs (18)

Last Name, First NameDepartmentTerm Ends
Sabani, Laura Foreign Languages June 2017
Culkin, Joseph Social Sciences June 2017
Bertorelli, Joseph Math & CS June 2017
Villani, Kathleen Business June 2017
Kim, Young Health Phys Ed. & Dance June 2017
Menendez, Anne_Marie Nursing June 2017
Karimi, Sasan Chemistry June 2018
Lieberman, David  Physics June 2018
Humphries, David English June 2018
McGill, Georgia Speech & Theatre June 2019
Montgomery, Kip Music June 2019
Rogers, Bob Art & Design June 2019
Visoni, Gilmar History June 2019
Gadura, Nidhi Biology June 2019
Asser, Stuart Engineering Technology June 2019
Galvin, Jeanne Library Administration
Hodge, Michel Vice President for Student Affairs Administration

Faculty Members-at-Large (41)

##Last Name, First NameDepartmentTerm Ends
1 Bales, Peter Social Sciences April 2019
2 Carroll, Julia English April 2019
3 Cesarano, Michael Speech Communication & Theatre Arts April 2019
4 Chang, Joanne Music April 2019
5 Edlin, Margot English April 2019
6 Ellis, Lorena Foreign Languages & Literatures April 2019
7 Golebiewska, Urszula Biological Sciences & Geology April 2019
8 Jacobowitz, Susan English April 2019
9 Kim, Mi-Seon (Christine) Library April 2019
10 Kincaid, Shannon Social Sciences April 2019
11 Kuszai, Joel English April 2019
12 Tai, Emily History April 2019
13 Tarasko, Alexandra Nursing April 2019
14 Weber, Craig Engineering Technology April 2019
15 Bannon, Shele Business April 2018
16 Clingan, Edmund History April 2018
17 Ferrari, Franca Speech Communication & Theatre Arts April 2018
18 Lin, Maan Foreign Languages & Literatures April 2018
19 Lizzul, Isabella Health, Physical Education & Dance April 2018
20 Pecorino, Philip Social Sciences April 2018
21 Spencer, Cheryl Nursing April 2018
22 Talbird, John English April 2018
23 Tawde, Mangala Biological Sciences & Geology April 2018
24 Volchok, Edward Business April 2018
25 Wallach, Patrick Mathematics & Computer Science April 2018
26 Yuster, Richard Engineering Technology April 2018
27 Zahavy, Reuvain Mathematics & Computer Science April 2018
28 Birchfield, Belle Engineering Technology April 2017
29 Blake-Campbell, Barbara Nursing April 2017
30 Colalillo, Georgina Nursing April 2017
31 Dupre, Joan English April 2017
32 Fletcher-Anthony, Wilma Student Affairs April 2017
33 Ford, Kelly Business April 2017
34 Kaur, Simran Biological Sciences & Geology April 2017
35 Kolios, Anthony Business April 2017
36 Stark, Julian Biological Sciences & Geology April 2017
37 Schwartz, Jeffrey Engineering Technology April 2017
38 Traver, Amy Social Sciences April 2017
39 Urciuoli, Jannette Student Affairs April 2017
40 Salis, Andrea Health, Physical Education & Dance April 2017
41 White, Eileen Speech Communication & Theatre Arts April 2017

CLT Representatives (2)

 Last Name, First NameDepartmentTerm Ends
CLT, M-at-L Irigoyen, Peter English  (CLT) April 2019
CLT, M-at-L Irigoyen, Pedro Chemistry  (CLT) April 2018

HEO Representatives (2)

 Last Name, First NameDepartmentTerm Ends
HEO, M-at-L Muchita, George Office of Senior College Transfer April 2018
HEO, M-at-L Tullio, Ann Registrar (HEO) April 2018

Adjunct Representative (1)

 Last Name, First NameDepartmentTerm Ends
Adjunct Rep Tayson, Richard English (Adj. Rep) April 2018

Student Representatives (8)

(SG terms begin in July and end in June)
 Last Name, First NameDepartmentTerm Ends
SG Panayoty, Ricky SG President  June 2016
SG Grant, Jodi-Ann  SG Executive VP June 2016
SG Sukhwa, Shriromani  SG Administrative VP June 2016
SG Ayisi, Issac SG Treasurer June 2016
SG Picache, Mariya Karisa SG Programming VP June 2016
SG Thapa, Tulasha SG VP for Evening Students June 2016
SG Mobin, Asif  SG President Pro Tempore June 2016
SG Hira, Maryam SG VP for PT Students June 2016

Alumni Representative (1)

 Last Name, First NameDepartmentTerm Ends
Alumni Rep Parrinello, Emil IT April 2016

Campus Cultural Centers

image description
Kupferberg Holocaust Resource Center and Archives

Using the lessons of the Holocaust to educate current and future generations about the ramifications of unbridled prejudice, racism and stereotyping.

image description
QPAC: Performing Arts Center

QPAC is an invaluable entertainment company in this region with a growing national reputation. The arts at QPAC continues to play a vital role in transforming lives and building stronger communities.

image description
QCC Art Gallery

The QCC Art Gallery of the City University of New York is a vital educational and cultural resource for Queensborough Community College, the Borough of Queens and the surrounding communities.