Candidates for Election to the Academic Senate

Most of the positions (73) in the Academic Senate (79) are occupied by people who are elected.

  • Department Chairpersons (18) are in the Senate and are elected by their departments following the bylaws of the faculty.
  • Faculty-at-Large (41) elected by their fellow faculty.
  • College Laboratory Technicians-CLT (2) elected by all full time CLTs.
  • Higher Education Officers-HEO (2) elected by all full time HEOs.
  • Adjuncts (1) elected by all adjuncts
  • Alumni (1) elected by the QCC alumni Association
  • Student Government Representatives (8) – elected by the student body

Candidates for membership in the Academic Senate must understand that the meetings of the Senate are on Tuesday afternoons and they need to be available to attend these meetings. All members are needed to attend in order to meet the requirements of the Open Meetings Law of New York State as imposed on all CUNY governing bodies by a court decision.

All members of the Academic Senate are not only expected to attend but to participate in the voting process on all matters. If anyone is reluctant to have a record of how they vote they should not make themselves candidates for election. All elected members of the Academic Senate who attend its meetings will have their voting record made public as required by the law. Failure to vote is to abstain and will so be noted in the minutes.

Current Candidates Statements

Candidates have been offered this forum for the posting of a maximum of 500 words to describe themselves and their positions. They may include links to other sites that contain information about themselves or their positions.

Faculty-at-Large (41)

Candidate: Jeff Schwartz

I’m Jeff Schwartz and I’m running for my second term in the Academic Senate. During my first term I served as Senate Technology Officer and I would like to continue to do so. In that position I have been in charge of voting during senate meetings and of elections like this one. In order to prepare for voting, I make sure to familiarize myself with the agenda the week before our senate meetings. In many cases, my vote is obvious; I always vote to support my colleagues’ work and projects. In less clear votes that do not directly affect me, I have reached out to people who would be affected to solicit their opinions. I plan to continue to do so and encourage all of you to email me whenever there is an upcoming vote on which you have a position.
Thank you for your time.

Candidate: Frank Jacob

As somebody who is teaching history at Queensborough Community College, I explain my students the possible success of a revolution and political emancipation by pointing to the United States of America. The Constitution of the United States in 1776 granted people the most important inalienable rights, namely the preservation of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Any form of democratic structure within the US consequently has to guard and defend these rights. In an academic environment, additional values need to be emphasized and, of course, protected: the freedom of speech, academic freedom, student and faculty rights, diversity, collegiality... It is the role of Queensborough Community College's Academic Senate and its members to protect these rights in any case and by all means. Especially since the Academic Senate is the symbol of the above mentioned inalienable rights within our academic community, I would be happy to serve as senator on behalf of our faculty to make sure, that these rights remain inalienable in the future as well.

Candidate: Kenneth Pearl

While some of our Senate colleagues saddle up to fight the Trump Leviathan, I’ll stay behind and work to see if we can finally get the old email system restored.   I don’t deny that the overall national picture is quite grim, but I’m also aware that sometimes the best we can do is spend time as Voltaire said in Candide, “tending one’s own garden.” 

Candidate: Andrea Salis

It has been an honor to serve as a Faculty Member-at-Large of the Academic Senate for the past two consecutive terms.  I am seeking re-election and would be grateful to continue to serve the College in this capacity. 

As a faculty member of the Health, Physical Education and Dance Department for over 13 years, I have served on several committees including the Senate Academic Development Committee and the Senate Committee on Assessment and Institutional Effectiveness.  Currently, I am serving my second year as co-chair of the Senate Committee on Assessment and Institutional Effectiveness.  I thank you for your consideration and would welcome the opportunity to again represent the College’s faculty by serving as a senator in the Academic Senate.

Candidate: Julian Stark

I have been involved in aspects of QCC governance since soon after my arrival at QCC 11 years ago, and while still a junior faculty member.  I was a member of a Working Group of the Middle States Review dating from 2008, and in the same year I first served on the Academic Senate and as the Chair of the Academic Freedom Committee, a position I still hold.  My service on the Senate, either as a full member or alternate, dates from 2008, with an interruption of only one meeting.

My experience on the Academic Freedom Committee, and as an Alternate Delegate and then Vice Chapter Chair of the PSC during the last few years, has taught me two things: faculty must be constantly vigilant about the infringement of their rights, and, complacency brings nothing.  We must actively engage and resist the loss of our precious freedoms and benefits as members of the QCC faculty.  I look to my membership in the Academic Senate as a forum where complaints can be made to the community at large, actions remedying those complaints attempted, and, in the best outcome, achieved.  I ask for your support in continuing the promotion of the interests of the faculty, HEOs, and CLTs, and whatever other groups the Senate endeavors to assist.

Candidate: Kelly Ford

As a current member of the Academic Senate I have gained valuable experience which has enabled me to better understand the responsibilities of the position, most important of which is representing the interests of faculty and the college community as a whole.

I am honored to be currently serving the college as Executive co-chair, Middle States Commission Self-study Project Team.

At QCC I have served on various committees. I am currently serving as a member of the University Faculty Senate Enrollment Management Committee. In the past I served as a member and held the position of Chair of the Admissions Committee. In addition, I served as a member of the Senate Special Committee on General Education Learning Outcomes, the Academic Development/Elective Academic Programs Committee, the Governing Board of the Queensborough Community College Auxiliary Enterprise Association, Inc. and the Honors Program Committee.

In my role as a Faculty Coordinator for the Business Academy from the Spring of 2009 – Spring 2016, I conducted assessment at the course level, department level and college wide level. I am also active in student activities including Co-advisor of the Alpha Beta Gamma Business Honor Society, Co-advisor of the Mock Trial Team and Co-advisor of the Accounting Student Team Competition.

While I bring both a strong Accounting/Finance academic background and real world business experience with me to the position, I also understand and support the ideology that affect faculty. I ask for your support in reelecting me to continue to serve in The Academic Senate.

Candidate: Jannette Urciuoli

Hello voting members of the Academic Senate.  My name is Jannette Urciuoli and I am an Associate Professor in the Counseling Center within the department of Student Affairs.  Throughout the 19 years that I have been at QCC I have had the pleasure of working with wonderful students and working alongside highly skilled individuals.  I have also seen the culture of our campus change drastically throughout the times, which is why I look forward to being a member of the Senate where change is made that affects the entire college community. 

As a counselor, I provide psychological counseling to our QCC students, many of whom have been referred by members of the college community – THANK YOU TO ALL WHO HAVE REFERRED A STUDENT TO COUNSELING!!!  I have also had the awesome opportunity to teach “Introduction to College Life (ST 100)”, an interactive freshman course, where we cover pertinent information on adjusting to college life and tips on how to be a successful student.  In addition, for several years, I was Director of Counseling and worked closely with QCC’s administrators.  During this time, I was fortunate enough to oversee and manage dedicated and intelligent individuals in the counseling center.  We worked together to implement change on how we teach ST 100 as well as on the functioning of the Counseling Center.

 Other opportunities that have broadened my experience in how a college runs have been by serving on several Standing Committees of the Academic Senate. They include: Bylaws, Admissions, Course and Standing, and Committee on Committees (member and Chair), most currently I am on Admissions.  I have also served as senator in the past and have found the issues and discussions brought to the floor very interesting.  My position in the Senate combined with my other roles have allowed me to play an instrumental role in seeing positive change occur.  I have also discovered that playing an integral role in initiating change that affects the entire college community is especially gratifying.  I admire the senators that are passionate about certain issues and look forward to being in this environment again of course with the help of your vote. 

Thank you for your time.

Candidate: Steven Dahlke

Steven Dahlke, Assistant Professor, Department of Music

I am in my seventh year of full-time teaching at QCC in the Department of Music. My teaching specialty is Choral and Vocal Music, and my research interest is exploring pathways to increased empathy and civic engagement through the study of the history and language of music and its kinesthetic expression in singing.

I am happy to be running for a Faculty Member at Large seat on the Academic Senate. I look forward to any opportunity to learn more about the workings of our school, and to invest more deeply in our community and its governance.

In addition to interdepartmental collaborations, participating in HIPS, advising an SGA Club, and working with the General Education Assessment Institute, I have served on the Committee on Course and Standing and the Admissions Committee for three years each, and have chaired both committees. That committee work has advanced my insight into the lives of our students, and has given me broadened perspective on their needs and their strengths.

All our plates are full here at the college, and it can seem hard to find time to serve the college fully. However, I can say with certainty that all service I have been able to do has intensified my connection to Queensborough, and has motivated me to continue to do all I can to advance our school’s mission. I appreciate the opportunity to participate in the Academic Senate, and will do all I can to contribute to effective governance in my professional home.

Candidate: Barbara Blake-Campbell

In addition to the role of teaching, I regard serving on the Faculty-Member –at –Large of the Academic Senate as one of the most important roles of the college. It provides a place where one can be a part of the decision-making process at the highest level on campus. I feel very privileged to be currently serving not only as a Senator, but also as a member on the Committee of Committees of the Academic Senate where I am acquiring another level of insight into the role of how the bylaws substantially affect every level of the governing body.

I have also had the privilege of serving two terms as Secretary of the Steering Committee under two Presidents thereby gleaning multiple perspectives of governance at the executive level. My service at the college level includes Faculty Inquiry Group member and co-developer of the Global and Diversity Learning HIP initiative, Chair and member of both eLearning and Student Activities Committees.

As faculty of the Nursing Department for the last 13 years I have consistently held several leadership roles, namely, Secretary of the department’s Personnel and Budget Committee, Coordinator of Advisement, Secretary for the Admissions Committee. In more recent years my leadership role has expanded to being appointed as Coordinator of NU 204 Professional Issues and Trends, a course that explores health care issues and concerns through the application of knowledge from nursing, social and political sciences, and one that equips the student with strategies to resolve societal issues and concerns which impact nursing and the health care system.

As a firm believer and supporter of shared governance, I believe that as a Senator, I add one more voice to supporting and defending the rights of both faculty and students. I humbly ask your support to continue to contribute in this very important role in the life of the campus.

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