WN Grade FAQs - Grading Policy - Faculty & Staff

What is a WN grade?

WN is an administrative withdrawal. If on a "Commencement of Attendance" rosters -completed by a faculty member via CUNYfirst after the 3rd week of classes - a 'N' is entered, (meaning that the student has NEVER attended class) the college assigns an 'WN' grade for the course.

What does the *WN grade mean for a student?

This grade has no impact on the student's GPA, it is a non-punitive grade. However, for students receiving financial aid, there is an adjustment in the amount of federal aid that the student receives.

When should a “WN” Grade Removal Form be completed?

WN grade removal forms should be completed only if the instructor knows the student DID in fact attend their class. If a student has attended class at least once the form should be completed by the faculty member and stamped by the department. However, if a student did not attend classes, the WN grade should not be removed. (Please do not use 'student did not attend' as a reason for removal – the WN will not be removed.)

Can a WN grade be replaced by an official withdrawal?

If a student has not attended classes, the WN grade is the correct grade and should NOT be changed to an official withdrawal grade. (Remember there is no punitive effect on the student’s GPA.) If there was a mistake on the 'Commencement of Attendance' roster, then grade changes to official withdrawals will be reviewed by the Registrar’s office. This requires an official change of grade form signed by the chair.

What should a faculty member do when asked by a student to complete a WN removal form?

A faculty member should complete the WN removal form only when a student has been attending classes. The form is available in department offices or at the Registrar's office. The form should be returned to the Registrar's office from the department. The student should not be given a WN removal form, to bring to the Registrar's office. This is a security violation comparable to giving a student a change of grade form.