Self-study Steering Committee

Executive Co-chairs

Ansani, Antonella, Foreign Languages and Literature

Corradetti, Arthur, Institutional Effectiveness

Ford, Kelly, Business

Committee Members

Beckford, Ian, Strategic Planning, Assessment, and Institutional Effectiveness

Blake-Campbell, Barbara, Nursing

Capozzoli, Gina, Counseling Center

Carpentier, Marc, Budget and Financial Services

Cook, Bonnie, Student Learning Center

Di Dio, Stephen, Marketing and Communications

Faulkner, William, Finance and Administration

Gilleaudeau, John, Social Sciences

Kaur, Simran, Biological Sciences and Geology

Kerr, Brian, Student Development

Lackner, Elisabeth, Institutional Research and Assessment

Landy, Kathleen, Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning

Lynch, Timothy, Academic Affairs

Messier, Vartan, English

Pantaleo, Josephine, Affirmative Action, Pluralism, and Diversity Compliance Office

Salis, Andrea, Health, Physical Education, and Dance

Sarno, David, Chemistry

Shi, Lucy, Accounting, Related Entities, Asset and Risk Management

Self-study Working Group Participants

There are seven working groups, each one assigned to one of the Middle States standards. By working group, the members appear below.

Working group 1: Mission and goals

Sarno, David, Co-chair, Chemistry

Shi, Lucy, Co-chair, Accounting, Related Entities, Asset and Risk Management

Adair, Arthur, Speech Communication and Theatre Arts

Armstrong, Daniel, Health, Physical Education, and Dance

Ballerini, Jeffrey, Center for International Affairs, Immigration, and Study Abroad

Blick, William, Library

Davis, Henry, Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning

Galvin, Jeanne, Library

Mader, Bryn, Biological Sciences and Geology

Marchese, Paul, Physics

Martinez, Manuel, English

McAlear, Robert, English

Orlofsky, Amos, Biological Sciences and Geology

Rossi Miller, Monica, Foreign Languages and Literature

Working group 2: Ethics and integrity

Messier, Vartan, Co-chair, English

Pantaleo, Jo, Co-chair, Affirmative Action, Pluralism, and Diversity Compliance Office

Akpinar, Rezan, Health, Physical Education, and Dance

Billingslea, Shanta, Admissions

Casatelli, Mary, Liberal Arts Academy Advisement

DiGiorgio, Liz, Art and Design

Edlin, Margot, English

Emanuele, Barbara, English

Figel Roliz, Erika, English

Lai, Wei, Foreign Languages and Literature

Lizzul, Isabella, Health, Physical Education, and Dance

Petersen, Joan, Biological Sciences and Geology

Puri, Karan, Mathematics and Computer Science

Reesman, Linda, English

Rosen, Ted, Business

Saadullah, Sabera, Liberal Arts Academy Advisement

Working group 3: Design and delivery of the student learning experience

Salis, Andrea, Co-chair, Health, Physical Education, and Dance

Landy, Kathleen, Co-chair, Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning

Alexander, Elizabeth, Office of Chief Operating Officer and Senior Vice President

Alves, Kathleen, English

Cornick, Jonathan, Mathematics and Computer Science

Dahlke, Steven, Music

Desepoli, Eugene, Health, Physical Education, and Dance

Flaherty, Bonnie, CUNY Start

Mohess, Neera, Library

Srivastava, Anuradha, Biological Sciences and Geology

Tawde, Mangala, Biological Sciences and Geology

Wengler, Susan, Library

Working group 4: Support of the student experience

Capozzoli, Gina, Co-chair, Counseling Center

Cook, Bonnie, Co-chair, Student Learning Center

Bruno, Laura, Enrollment Management, Admissions, and Recruitment

Demas, Jason, Health, Physical Education, and Dance

Huang, Hsiaofang, Business

Lukas, Veronica, Financial Services

Masterson, Virginia, Business

Nercessian, Elizabeth, Mathematics Learning Center

Nestoras, Alexandra, Student Learning Center

Spezio, Stefan, Campus Writing Center

Sutton, Elizabeth, Nursing

Yarde, Winston, College Discovery Program

Working group 5: Educational effectiveness

Kaur, Simran, Co-chair, Biological Sciences and Geology

Beckford, Ian, Co-chair, Strategic Planning, Assessment, and Institutional Effectiveness

Byfield, Carlene, Nursing

Colalillo, Georgina, Nursing

Fichera, Victor, Institutional Research and Assessment

Ford, Wendy, Business

Lee, Whan Ki, Mathematics and Computer Science

Liriano-Gonzalez, Krystal, ASAP

Mehta, Neeraj, Music

Nichols, James, History

Riekert, Susan, Nursing

Rome, Barbara, Nursing

Tarafdar, Meghmala, English

Yan, Xiyong, Mathematics and Computer Science

Zhelezcheva, Tanya, English

Nelan, Philip, Nursing

Working group 6: Planning, resources, and institutional improvement

Gilleaudeau, John, Co-chair, Social Sciences

Carpentier, Marc, Co-chair, Office of Finance and Administration

Anderst, Leah, English

Conkling, Lori, Pre-college, Continuing Education, and Workforce Development

Ferrari-Bridgers, Franca, Speech Communication and Theatre Arts

Ikwueze, Chukwudi, Social Sciences

Jacob, Frank, History

Lam, Raymond, Engineering Technology

Leary, Christopher, English

Mako, Richard, Library

McLaughlin, Susan, Biological Sciences and Geology

Pham, David, Mathematics and Computer Science

Ryan, William, English

Seo, Dugwon, Engineering Technology

Sporer, Celia, Social Sciences

Lago, Susan, English

Working group 7: Governance, leadership, and administration

Blake-Campbell, Barbara, Co-chair, Nursing

Kerr, Brian, Co-chair, Student Development

Abramov, Arthur, Health-related Sciences Academy Advisement

Alleyne, Carol, New Student Engagement

Beale, Patricia, Liberal Arts Academy Advisement

Byrnes, Thomas, Admissions and Recruitment

Cupelli, Lorraine, Nursing

Golebiewska, Urszula, Biological Sciences and Geology

Kuszai, Joel, English

Pecorino, Philip, Social Sciences

Ridinger-Dotterman, Angela, English

Saint Laurent, Natacha, Registrar

Schrynemakers, Ilse, English

Campus Cultural Centers

Kupferberg Holocaust Center (KHC)Opens in a new window
Kupferberg Holocaust Center Opens in a new window

Using the lessons of the Holocaust to educate current and future generations about the ramifications of unbridled prejudice, racism and stereotyping.

Queensborough Performing Arts CenterOpens in a new window
QPAC: Performing Arts CenterOpens in a new window

QPAC is an invaluable entertainment company in this region with a growing national reputation. The arts at QPAC continues to play a vital role in transforming lives and building stronger communities.

Queensborough Art GalleryOpens in a new window
QCC Art GalleryOpens in a new window

The QCC Art Gallery of the City University of New York is a vital educational and cultural resource for Queensborough Community College, the Borough of Queens and the surrounding communities.