Professor Robert M. Kueper

 Professor Robert Kueper

  • Assistant Professor of Engineering Technology, Queensborough Community College of the City of New York
  • Engineering Technology Web Master
  • STEM Coordinator (Science Technology Engineering Technology) for the STEM Academy

Best Known For-

  • Caring for his students who need to be motivated
  • Providing one to one mentoring to enhance learning
  • Explaining what jobs are available in industry and what you need to do to get there


  • When you're in the swamp and you're covered with mud and water up to your waist and the alligators are moving in, it's hard to remember that the initial objective is to drain the swamp! Keep focused!!!
  • When the light is green and the door is open you have to jump.
  • You need to lead, follow, or get the hell out of the way of progress.


  • Bachelor of Professional Studies degree in Electrical Engineering Technology 6/89: Empire State College
  • Associate in Applied Science Degree in Electrical Engineering Technology 6/83: Queensborough Community College


  • Building and Maintaining Web sites with FrontPage 2003, By Robert M. Kueper, Pearson Custom Publishing ISBN: 0-536-94547-0
  • Microsoft Applications for Technology Students, By Robert M. Kueper and Steven R. Trowbridge, Pearson Custom Publishing ISBN: 0-536-20504-3
  • ET-501 - Computer Applications Laboratory Guide, 1st Edition, Robert M. Kueper
  • ET 710 - Building and Maintaining Web Sites Laboratory Guide, 3rd Edition, Robert M. Kueper
  • ET 712 - Web Client Programming: JavaScript Laboratory Guide, 2nd Edition, Robert M.Kueper
  • ET 718 Database Technology Laboratory guide, 1st Edition, Robert M.Kueper
  • ET 728XML Programming Laboratory Guide, 1st Edition, Robert M.Kueper

Assistant Professor-

  • Queeensborough Community College (1994-Present)
    Within the Engineering Technology department, I have instructed the following courses:
  • ET-480     Computer Repair and Servicing
  • ET-501     Computer Applications
  • ET-504     Operating Systems and Environments
  • ET-704     Building and Maintaining Local Area Networks
  • ET-710     Building and Maintaining Web Sites
  • ET-712     JavaScript Programming
  • ET-716     Java Programming
  • ET-718     Database Programming
  • ET-720     Advanced Multimedia Programming
  • ET-728     XML Programming

Private Industry work-

  • Electronics Technician: Grumman Data Systems, INC. 1982-1985
  • Senior District Engineer: Compaq / Digital Equipment Corporation 1985-1999
  • United states Army Active Duty- Fort Sill Oklahoma, Camp Casey Korea and Fort Lewis Washington 1977-1980

Professional Certifications-

  • MCSE                         Microsoft Certified System Engineer
  • MCP                          Microsoft Certified Professional
  • CIW Master Designer   Certified Internet Webmaster – E-Commerce Administrator 
  • CIW Professional        Certified Internet Webmaster – Web Designer
  • CIW Instructor            Certified Internet Webmaster – Certified Instructor
  • MASE                         Master Accredited System Engineer – Enterprise Storage Specialist
  • ASE                            Accredited System Engineer Alpha/NT, Intel/NT
  • Associate ASE              Alpha/Unix, Alpha/NT,Intel/NT
  • ACT                           Accredited Compaq Engineer Alpha/NT, Intel/NT
  • A+                             PC Repair Technician