Professor Robert M. Kueper

 Major Robert M. Kueper - Retired

  • Assistant Professor of Engineering Technology, Queensborough Community College of the City of New York
  • Engineering Technology Web Master
  • STEM Coordinator (Science Technology Engineering Technology) for the STEM Academy

Best Known For-

  • Caring for his students who need to be motivated
  • Providing one to one mentoring to enhance learning


  • Stay with the class material and do not fall behind.
  • If you are missing projects, missing quizzes, and are absent alot. Its time to wake up!
  • I like wrong answers because it show that you are willing to participate in the class and what I need to clarify on the course material.


  • Bachelor of Professional Studies degree in Electrical Engineering Technology 6/89: Empire State College
  • Associate in Applied Science Degree in Electrical Engineering Technology 6/83: Queensborough Community College


  • Building and Maintaining Web sites with FrontPage 2003, By Robert M. Kueper, Pearson Custom Publishing ISBN: 0-536-94547-0
  • Microsoft Applications for Technology Students, By Robert M. Kueper and Steven R. Trowbridge, Pearson Custom Publishing ISBN: 0-536-20504-3
  • ET-501 - Computer Applications Laboratory Guide, 1st Edition, Robert M. Kueper
  • ET 710 - Building and Maintaining Web Sites Laboratory Guide, 3rd Edition, Robert M. Kueper
  • ET 712 - Web Client Programming: JavaScript Laboratory Guide, 2nd Edition, Robert M.Kueper
  • ET 718 Database Technology Laboratory guide, 1st Edition, Robert M.Kueper
  • ET 728XML Programming Laboratory Guide, 1st Edition, Robert M.Kueper

Assistant Professor-

  • Queeensborough Community College (1994-Present)
    Within the Engineering Technology department, I have instructed the following courses:
  • ET-480     Computer Repair and Servicing
  • ET-501     Computer Applications
  • ET-504     Operating Systems and Environments
  • ET-704     Building and Maintaining Local Area Networks
  • ET-710     Building and Maintaining Web Sites
  • ET-712     JavaScript Programming
  • ET-716     Java Programming
  • ET-718     Database Programming
  • ET-720     Advanced Multimedia Programming
  • ET-728     XML Programming

Private Industry work-

  • Electronics Technician: Grumman Data Systems, INC. 1982-1985
  • Senior District Engineer: Compaq / Digital Equipment Corporation 1985-1999
  • United states Army Active Duty- Fort Sill Oklahoma, Camp Casey Korea and Fort Lewis Washington 1977-1980

Professional Certifications-

  • MCSE                         Microsoft Certified System Engineer
  • MCP                          Microsoft Certified Professional
  • CIW Master Designer   Certified Internet Webmaster – E-Commerce Administrator 
  • CIW Professional        Certified Internet Webmaster – Web Designer
  • CIW Instructor            Certified Internet Webmaster – Certified Instructor
  • MASE                         Master Accredited System Engineer – Enterprise Storage Specialist
  • ASE                            Accredited System Engineer Alpha/NT, Intel/NT
  • Associate ASE              Alpha/Unix, Alpha/NT,Intel/NT
  • ACT                           Accredited Compaq Engineer Alpha/NT, Intel/NT
  • A+                             PC Repair Technician