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CUNY Start is an intensive program that provides instruction in academic reading, writing, and math for college bound students who have not passed the CUNY placement exams. The program, which costs only $75, including books, allows students to save financial aid for credit courses, and offers academic advisement.

CUNY Start is part of a research study to learn about the best ways to help students complete their developmental classes. Space is limited, so students will be chosen by a lottery system. For every 100 students who apply to be in CUNY Start, about 70 students will be selected.

Improve Your Basic Skills and More!

  • Improve your reading, writing, and math skills

  • Prepare for credit courses and to re-take necessary placement exams

  • Receive strong academic advisement to help you plan for your educational future

Who is Eligible for CUNY Start?

Students who have been accepted to Queensborough Community College and who need to pass the CUNY placement exams in at least math and reading OR writing.
CUNY Start students at QCC

Why Enroll in CUNY Start?

  • Low Cost: $75 per sememster, including all books and materials*

  • Less time spent in remedial classes
  • 2 opportunities to retake placement exams

*You do not use financial aid to attend CUNY Start, allowing more of your financial aid to be used for credit courses.

Alumni Stories

Freshta Mayar is studying Business Administration at Queensborough Community College and wants to open her own business someday.


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