CUNY Start

at Queensborough Community College

CUNY Start is an intensive program that provides instruction in academic reading, writing, and math for college bound students who have not passed the CUNY Assessment Tests. The program is completed in just one semester and students also receive academic advisement. By joining CUNY Start you can improve your scores on the Assessment Tests, be better prepared for the challenge of college level work, and save your limited financial aid dollars for credit-bearing courses. Lastly, the cost of our program is just $75 and that includes books as well as study materials.

Beginning in Fall 2015, we will be introducing a new part-time Math program for students who require instruction in Math only.

Program Options


  • 25 hours per week, Monday through Friday, 9:00AM – 3:00PM
  • Academic Reading/Writing and Pre-College Math
  • Weekly advisement seminars for college success
  • Acceptance to the program is based on your CUNY Placement Exam scores in at least two of the subject areas (Math is required in addition to Reading and/or Writing)

Important Note: The Full-Time Program is part of a research study to learn about the best ways to help students complete their developmental classes. Because space is limited, students will be chosen by a lottery system. For every 100 students who apply, only about 70 will be selected.

Part-Time Math:

  • 12 hours per week, Monday through Thursday
  • 2:00PM – 5:00PM OR 6:00PM – 9:00PM
  • Pre-College Math
  • Weekly advisement seminars for college success
  • Acceptance to the program is based on your Math Placement Exam score
  • May have only one semester of remediation in Reading and Writing if those exams have not been passed


The CUNY Start program offers academic advisement and provides instruction in two subject areas: Math and Reading/Writing. See below for more information.

Pre-College Math
Building on GED-level math skills, Pre-College Math focuses on complex topics in algebra. Topics include functions in new settings and the manipulation of expressions. Understanding is maximized through in-depth study of core math concepts in an interactive, supportive learning environment.

Academic Reading/Writing
Through an interdisciplinary curriculum, students build key reading and writing skills and broaden their general background knowledge. Skill development includes argumentative and analytic writing, and college-level reading and study skills.

College Success Advisement
All students in CUNY Start participate in weekly seminars to explore their academic identity and learn about college demands and campus resources. College advisement helps students align their career goals with educational requirements and prepares them for academic achievement and graduation.


  • Improve your reading, writing and math skills
  • Costs only $75 for the entire semester
  • Receive strong academic advisement to help you plan your educational future
  • Spend less time in remedial classes
  • Two opportunities to re-take placement exams


In order to join CUNY Start you must satisfy the following requirements:

  • Must have a high school or high school equivalency diploma
  • Must have been admitted to Queensborough Community College
  • Must have taken the CUNY Assessment Tests and have scores that indicate you need to re-take Reading, Writing, and/or Math
    • Full-time Program: You need to re-take Math and Reading OR Writing Exams.
    • Part-time Program: You need to re-take Math Exam.
    • Must attend an information session
If you would like to learn more about CUNY Start and join us for an information session, click here to register.


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If you have been admitted to Queensborough but haven’t registered for courses for Fall 2015, ask your college advisor about CUNY Start or contact us directly.

Office Hours:
Monday through Friday, 9 AM to 5 PM

(718) 281-5368


Y-Building, Room 12
(also known as the building for Testing Services, right by the Q27 bus stop)