Strategic Planning, Assessment, and Institutional Effectiveness

K. SteeleDr. Karen B. Steele
Interim Vice President for Strategic Planning, Assessment and Institutional Effectiveness

The Institutional Effectiveness team is:
I. Beckford
Dr. Ian Beckford

Learning Outcomes
Assessment Manager
A. Calise
Dr. Archie Calise

Institutional Records
and Planning
A. Corradetti
Dr. Arthur Corradetti

Dean for Accreditation
Assessment and
K. Steele
Dr. Victor Fichera

Principal Investigator
for Academy
K. Steele
Ms. Elisabeth Lackner

Director for
Research and

The Office of Strategic Planning, Assessment, and Institutional Effectiveness is the administrative division of the college that provides leadership and administrative support and guidance to the strategic planning process and reporting, to the preparation of the year-end performance report, and to all college assessment processes and the documentation of assessment findings and reports of the institution, and serves as the intermediary with outside agencies with which the institution must meet compliance requirements.

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