Eligibility And Curriculum

Student Eligibility

To be eligible to attend CLIP, students must first be accepted as fully matriculated students by any branch of CUNY. They must be entering freshmen or freshmen who have not completed more than one semester at any CUNY college. Students who have already attended one cycle of CLIP may continue for two more cycles. Students are also eligible to attend CLIP if they have failed the same ESL course twice and have been academically dismissed from a senior college in CUNY.

We cannot accept students who hold an F1 visa.


The CLIP curriculum focuses on academic language to prepare students to handle college level English. Students are taught reading and writing skills as well as skills for listening to and understanding lectures and knowing how to take notes efficiently. They are also given instruction on how to make formal oral presentations. In addition, students are taught study skills, test-taking skills, research skills and computer skills. Students are also given an orientation to the Queensborough Community College campus and college life in general. They will have the opportunity to attend presentations given by various college representatives from such offices as Advisement, Writing Center, Financial Aid, or the Library as well as by representatives from different college departments.