Faculty Funding Opportunities and Research Resources

Queensborough Community College Internal Funding Opportunities and Research Resources

Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning (CETL) Pedagogy Research Challenge Awards

A program to support research projects on community college pedagogy calling for studies of various interventions that can impact student learning outcomes. It is expected that the awards will stimulate future research projects and grant proposals that will enhance QCC's capacity to study this important aspect of higher education. All QCC faculty (full-time and adjuncts) and administration are eligible to submit a proposal either individually or as a collaborative effort. For more information go to please contact Dr. Kathleen Landy at: klandy@qcc.cuny.edu.

Office of Academic Affairs Travel Grants

A modest amount of money is available from the Office of Academic Affairs to support faculty travel for presentations or papers at scholarly conferences. Full-time faculty are eligible to apply if they have a paper accepted, are making a presentation, are presenting a poster session, are moderating a panel, or are organizing a session. For more information please contact Dean Glenn Burdi at: gburdi@qcc.cuny.edu.

Presidential Fellowships

The QCC Presidential Fellowship Program (PFP) is intended to provide support for mid-career faculty who require additional resources to engage in scholarly activities, to enhance their opportunity for promotion. The goal of this program is to encourage mid-career faculty who are working to develop a strong record of scholarly activity for promotion to the next rank.


Program participants will receive:

  • Four hours of released time each semester, renewable for up to four semesters. Awardees will submit a progress report at the end of each semester to renew the fellowship.
  • A senior faculty mentor from QCC or another CUNY institution, who will work with the recipient to develop a research/scholarship program and publication record.
  • Up to $1,000 (per fellowship awardee) to support scholarly activity for the project (conference travel, publication costs, research supplies).


Tenured faculty, with the rank of assistant or associate professor, who have not received contractual released time as a new faculty member and/or a Fellowship Leave, with a record of sustained services to the Department and/or College, as well as a current record of satisfactory peer observations and satisfactory student evaluations.


  • Applicants are asked to submit a CV and a description of proposed research with a projected time table for outcomes
  • The Office of Academic Affairs can assist faculty to develop a research plan and prepare the application. If interested please send an email to Dr. Sandra Palmer, Interim Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs.
  • The deadline for Fall 2017 applications has not yet been announced.
  • A panel will evaluate applications and finalists will be interviewed by the Provost. Awardees will be notified by early July 2017. The fellowship will begin Fall 2017. Up to four fellowships will be awarded.

Faculty Inquiry Group (FIG) Awards

Faculty inquiry is a form of professional development by which faculty identify and investigate questions about their students' learning and/or about their own professional practices. There is a financial award associated with FIG participation which is capped at $500 depending on the number of applications. For more information please contact Dr. Kathleen Landy at: klandy@qcc.cuny.edu.

Office of Grants and Sponsored Programs

The Office of Grants and Sponsored Programs is Queensborough's centralized office for coordinating the submission, processing and reporting of grants and contracts. If you are a faculty member looking for help in coordinating the complete lifecycle of your potential project, we are here to help!

Our website features useful information for both pre- and post- award management including a comprehensive funding databases, funding alerts, a calendar of important milestones, a proposal checklist, research foundation links and forms. In addition, we offer personalized service including, but not limited to, proposal writing assistance, obtaining institutional approval and coordinating submissions of program modifications.

If you are ready to apply for a grant, your first step is to contact the Grants Office.* We look forward to supporting your scholarly goals!

Office of Grants and Sponsored Programs

* Cabinet review is required for most grant applications before submission.

City University of New York Funding Opportunities

PSC CUNY Research Awards

Funds for research are available without restriction to all full-time members of the instructional staff, and the junior members of the faculty in particular. Research funding will be used to support activities in the creative arts and all academically relevant research in the areas of natural science, social science and humanities, including but not limited to research related to curriculum development, improvement in teaching, adaptation of standard educational techniques to special clientele and the relationship between technical or occupational training and the liberal art curriculum.
For more information go to: PSC CUNY Research Awards

PSC CUNY Fellowship Awards

Funds for fellowship awards are limited to instructional staff members of the permanent instructional staff. Tenured members of the permanent instructional staff, including those holding the title Lecturer with certificates of continuous employment, who have completed six years of continuous paid full-time service with the University exclusive of non-sabbatical or fellowship leave, are eligible. Individuals in professorial titles who are on leave from the title Lecturer with a certificate of continuous employment are also eligible. Service includes service in a school or college maintained in whole or part with City funds immediately preceding service in a college or institution under the jurisdiction of the Board of Trustees, provided that credit for such prior service does not exceed three (3) years.
For more information go to: PSC CUNY Fellowship Awards

PSC Scholar Incentive Awards

Awards for full-time personnel of not less than one semester nor more than one year in the following titles: Professor, Associate professor, Assistant Professor, Instructor, Lecturer, University professor, distinguished Professor and Medical Series. The awards are to facilitate bona fide and documented scholarly research only. There are guidelines and limits on the amount of the awards. A candidate may be compensated by the University for up to 25% of annual salary rate. The total amount of money earnable with outside support and the University salary may not exceed 100% of the annual salary rate an individual would have received without the leave. The amount may be less than 25% if the amount of any outside fellowship and grant support received would result in earning above 100% of salary.
For more information go to: PSC Scholar Incentive Awards

PSC Professional Development Fund for Adjunct Travel

Deadline: February 1, 2019, 5pm

For information and applications for adjunct travel to professional meetings please contact the PSC/CUNY Office at 212-354-1252.

The CUNY Academy Stewart Travel Awards for Assistant Professors

Deadline: April 15, 2019

The CUNY Academy for the Humanities and Sciences invites applications from Assistant Professors at CUNY to apply for travel support to national and international conferences through the Stewart Travel Awards. 

Book Completion Award

Deadline: March 1, 2019

The CUNY Office of Research invites proposals from faculty who are working on research or creative projects they are developing into publishable book manuscripts.  Funds will be awarded on a competitive basis to faculty in the arts, humanities and social sciences to develop or complete a book manuscript for publication. This grant program welcomes applications from faculty for book projects that are in the development and prospectus stage, as well as for manuscripts that have been accepted for publication and are nearing the completion and submission stage.

William Stewart Travel Awards

Funds providing grants of up to $500 to first, second, third or fourth year tenure-track assistant professors at CUNY for presenting, chairing or moderating at a scholarly conference. Previous award recipients may apply but may get lower award priority. Applications are considered on a rolling basis and early applications get special consideration.
For more information go to: William Stewart Travel Awards

Feliks Gross Endowment Award

Presented each year to assistant professors in recognition of outstanding research, or potential for such, in the humanities or sciences, including social and life sciences. Any faculty member who is an assistant professor at any unit of CUNY and whose field of expertise covers an area of the humanities or sciences is eligible to be considered for one of these awards. For more information go to: Feliks Gross Endowment Award

Henry Wasser Awards

Named for former UFS Chair and Academy for the Humanities and Sciences President Henry Wasser, these awards will honor outstanding Assistant Professors at CUNY. Procedures and criteria will be posted on the Academy web site.
For more information go to: Henry Wasser Awards

William P. Kelly Research Fellowship 

Deadline: February 4, 2019, 11:59 pm

The Chancellor awards up to 20 research fellowships per year of two courses of released-time each to tenured full-time community college faculty member who have demonstrated an ongoing commitment to research and publication. The two course releases may be taken over one or two semesters.

Bridge Fund Program

CUNY faculty who run externally funded research programs and who run into a funding crisis due to a competitive renewal of their grant not being funded may apply for bridge funds under specific circumstances. In appropriate cases this program will provide up to a maximum of $25,000 when justified, with an equal match requirement from the home campus of the faculty member. It is required that 50% of the funding provided by CUNY's Internal Funding Office must be repaid within 6 months of the faculty member receiving any external funding. This repayment should come from indirect costs generated by the newly funded grant(s).

Community College Research Grants

Formerly the C3'IRG program, funds will support faculty research at CUNY community colleges through two distinct tracks. Track 1 supports pedagogical research (the scholarship of teaching and learning). Track 2 supports faculty and students who participate in mentored research experiences. For more information, go to: Community College Research Grants

Interdisciplinary Research Grants

The University is introducing a new Interdisciplinary Research Grant program that seeks to support and encourage faculty researchers who tackle global challenges or problems that affect the needs of urban populations. Applications that address specific challenges in ways that can be approached by combining expertise across disciplines (such as the natural sciences, social sciences, and humanities) are encouraged. The goal is to provide seed funding to projects that will become eligible and competitive for external funding. The program replaced the Collaborative Incentive Research Grant Program (C'IRG).
For more information go to: Interdisciplinary Research Grants

Travel Funds Program

On occasion it is important for faculty to travel to funding agencies, especially federal agencies, to discuss specific RFPs or RFAs. There are also occasions when faculty members are invited to such funding agencies to discuss their individual proposals. Limited funds can be made available to assist with travel, etc. for such specific occasions.
For more information go to: Travel Funds Program

CUNY Junior Faculty Research Awards in Science and Engineering

Funds aiming to cultivate the excellence and ensure the promise of research-intensive, early career, science and engineering faculty at CUNY. It is expected that this early career opportunity will advance the research programs of the faculty recipients through boosting their research productivity and accelerating their ability to attract significant external funding. For more information go to: CUNY Junior Faculty Research Awards in Science and Engineering

CUNY ASRC Joint Seed Program

A new funding opportunity for CUNY faculty to leverage research relationships at the CUNY ASRC (Advanced Science Research Center). An interdisciplinary approach within one of the five initiatives of the ASRC is encouraged: Nanoscience, Photonics, Structural Biology, Neuroscience and Environmental Sciences. Grants will fund research between tenured and tenure-track faculty at CUNY colleges and permanent faculty at the Advanced Science Research Center. Grants are up to a maximum of $10,000 for a one-year period. The primary goal is to seed research that will become the basis of new external grant proposals.
For more information go to: CUNY ASRC Joint Seed Program

CUNY ASRC Cooperative Postdoc Research Grants

Established for CUNY faculty who are not based at the ASRC full-time to support a postdoctoral scientist who will collaborate on a research project with a member of the permanent ASRC faculty or an ASRC core facility director. If successful, the Principal Investigator will receive funds to hire a postdoc who, in addition to their placement in the PI's lab, will take advantage of a shared residency component with an ASRC lab. The postdoc's time at the ASRC (up to but no more than an average of 2.5 days per week0 will provide them with access to state-of-the-art equipment that is not found at their home colleges, and in some cases, is not easily accessible nationally or internationally. These postdocs will also benefit from additional mentorship and guidance from the resident ASRC scientists and staff, who bring complementary and supplementary knowledge and expertise.
For more information go to: CUNY ASRC Cooperative Postdoc Research Grants

Faculty Fellowship Publication Program

This program provides full-time untenured CUNY faculty (assistant professors) with 3 credit hours of course release time for the spring semester, a discipline-based writing group, and the guidance of a senior faculty member.
For more information go to: Faculty Fellowship Publication Program

External Funding Opportunities


  • COS Pivot - COS Pivot is the universal search tool for faculty, staff researchers, and graduate students to quickly discover the right funding opportunities and effectively collaborate with their colleagues.
  • Grant Forward - Grant Forward an online search engine that provides information to faculty and researchers on upcoming external grant funding opportunities.




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The KHC uses the lessons of the Holocaust to educate current and future generations about the ramifications of unbridled prejudice, racism and stereotyping.

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QPAC is an invaluable entertainment company in this region with a growing national reputation. The arts at QPAC continues to play a vital role in transforming lives and building stronger communities.

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The QCC Art Gallery of the City University of New York is a vital educational and cultural resource for Queensborough Community College, the Borough of Queens and the surrounding communities.