WID WAC Committee

2015-2016: (9 Members)

Faculty Representatives (Name, Department, Term Ends)

  1. Kimberly Ambruso, Nursing (2018)
  2. Christopher Jimenez, Speech Communication (2018)
  3. Marvin Gayle, Engineering Technology (2017)
  4. Peter Gray, English (2017) *Secretary
  5. Bjorn Berkhout, Music (2016) *Chairperson
  6. Daniel Garbin, Mathematics and Computer Science (2016)
  7. Lakersha Smith, Social Sciences, (2018)
  8. Areti Tsimounis, Biological Sciences and Geology, (2016)
  9. James Nichols, History, (2017)

Student Representatives

  1. Monica Soto


Section 27. The Committee on Writing in the Disciplines/Writing Across the Curriculum (WID/WAC)

The Committee on WID/WAC shall consist of the director or one co-director of the WID/WAC Program, three (3) faculty members from different departments who have participated in WID/WAC professional development and one (1) student.

The Committee on WID/WAC shall:

  1. Oversee and make recommendations to the Academic Senate related to the WID/WAC program;
  2. Review and make recommendations to the WID/WAC Director(s) concerning the WID/WAC Professional Development Program;
  3. Consult with the Committee on Course and Standing on waiver requests from students on any writing intensive (WI) degree requirements that the Committee on Course and Standing may be called upon to decide;
  4. Make the final decision on the designation and recertification of any course or section as WI;
  5. Coordinate with the Curriculum Committee on issues concerning curriculum.

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