Steering Committee

Faculty Representatives (Membership, Title)

As per Academic Senate Bylaws, Article I. Section 4. Officers

  1. The Academic Senate shall elect a chairperson, a vice-chairperson, and a secretary for the Academic Senate, from among members elected at large to the Senate, for a one-year term. These three elected members of the Academic Senate shall constitute a Steering Committee of the Senate. The Academic Senate shall also elect a member of the Senate to serve as Parliamentarian. Nominations and elections for the Steering Committee of the Senate shall be conducted directly from the floor at the duly convened May meeting of the Academic Senate except in the case of the first Senate body.
  2. Vacancies in the Steering Committee or the office of Parliamentarian shall be filled by election of a person normally eligible for such office to fill the unexpired term. Nomination and election shall be conducted from the floor at the Senate meeting next following the occurrence of the vacancy.
  3. The Steering Committee of the Academic Senate shall represent the interest of and uphold the policies adopted by the Academic Senate when it is not in session. It shall report to the Senate, at its next regular meeting, such College actions that may have been implemented while the Academic Senate was not in session. If such action requires the immediate establishment of new policy, a special meeting of the Academic Senate shall be called.

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