Publications Committee

2013-2014: (3 Members)

Mangra, D.  
Pecorino, P.  
Sinclair, A.  
Stroumbakis, K. Steering Committee Designee
Zins, R. President's Designee
Iakovou, T. COC Liaison
vacant Newspaper Editor - Student
Vacant Literary Magazine Editor - Student
Vacant Yearbook Editor - Student
vacant Student

Section 24. The Committee on Publications

The Committee on Publications shall consist of three (3) members of the instructional staff and four (4) students. Three of the student members (the three (3) editors of the major student publications – the student newspaper, the student literary magazine and the year book) may vote only on issues pertaining to the student publications each represents; the fourth student member votes on all issues.

The Committee on Publications shall:

  1. Recommend to the Academic Senate policies and procedures pertaining to College publications.
  2. Receive information on all publications associated with the College or bearing the College name, and report this information to the Academic Senate.
  3. Serve as an advisory group for publications associated with the College.
  4. Serve as an editorial board for the Queensborough Community College Newsletter, Community Calendar, faculty handbooks, and other publications of this nature.

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