Committee on eLearning

2013-2014: (7 Members)

Dr. Barbara Blake-Campbell Nursing Chair
Prof. Cheryl Diane Meddles-Torres Biology Sciences & Geology Faculty Representative
Jean Amaral Library Faculty Representative
Susana Alaiz-Losado Foreign languages Faculty Representative
Dr. Julia Haber Business Faculty Representative
Prof. Edward Davis Engineering technology Faculty Representative
Dr. Cal Dowlaf Social Sciences Faculty Representative

Mr. Bruce Naples Executive Director, ACC and ELearning President Designee
Dr. Raul Armendariz Physics Steering Committee Designee
Dr. Dona Boccio Mathematics & Computer Science COC Laison
Jeffrey Torres Student Government Student Representative
Robin Fabrice Student Government Student Representative

Section 20. The Committee on eLearning

The Committee on eLearning shall consist of seven (7) faculty members and two (2) students. All faculty and students should be familiar with online instruction. Faculty shall come from different departments so as to be representative of the wide range of disciplines and degree programs at the college.

The Committee on eLearning shall:

  1. Report and make recommendations to the Academic Senate on all matters related to Distance Education, in particular, concerning policies and procedures related to the development of, support for and offering of programs, degrees and classes;
  2. Work on the assessment process and criteria related to the Distance Education program of the College and report findings to the Academic Senate;
  3. Serve as an advisory body for all matters related to Distance Education.

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