Committee on Committees - Academic Senate

2014-2015: (9 Members)

Faculty Representatives (Name, Department, Term Ends)

  1. Aithne Bialo-Padin, History, May 2015
  2. Dona Boccio, Mathematics & Computer Science, May 2016
  3. Julia Carrol, Academic Literacy, Secretary, May 2015
  4. Jeffrey Jankowski, Social Sciences, May 2016
  5. Chong Jue, Biological Sciences & Geology, May 2017
  6. Christine Mooney, Business, May 2017
  7. Jean Murley, English, May 2017
  8. David Sarno, Chemistry, May 2016
  9. Cheryl Spencer, Nursing, May 2015 (Chair)


There shall be a Committee on Committees elected by the Academic Senate to draw up a proposed list of Committees to be presented for adoption to the Academic Senate. This Committee shall also be responsible for the nominations and elections to such Committees as established by the Senate. However, nominations and elections for the Steering Committee of the Senate and for the Committee on Committees shall be conducted directly from the floor at the duly convened May meeting of the Senate.

Section 8. Committee on Committees.
  1. Organization
    1. The Committee on Committees shall consist of nine (9) persons. These persons shall be voting faculty as defined in Article IV of the Bylaws of the Faculty.
    2. Only one member from any department may serve at any time on the Committee on Committees. In an election where more than one member from a department is elected, the person having the most votes shall be eligible to serve. The other will then be automatically deemed ineligible. In the case of a tie, a run-off will be conducted. A hiatus equal to the number of years of service must exist between terms for a person re-elected to the Committee on Committees.
    3. Nominations and elections for the Committee on Committees shall be conducted directly from the floor at the duly convened May meeting of the Senate except in the case of the first Senate body.
    4. Except as provided in paragraphs (1), (2), and (3) of this subsection d, the term of office of each member of the Committee on Committees shall be three years commencing from the time of his or her election. For the first committee, however, the members shall be elected and serve as follows:
      1. The nine (9) individuals receiving the greatest number of votes shall be deemed elected;
      2. Of the nine (9) individuals elected to the committee, the three (3) receiving the greatest number of votes shall serve for a term of three (3) years; the three (3) receiving the next three (3) highest number of votes shall serve for a term of two (2) years; and the three (3) receiving the fewest number of votes shall serve for a term of one (1) year.
      3. A person elected to fill an unexpired term shall serve only to the end of the term to which he/she was elected to complete.
  2. The Committee on Committees shall:
    1. Prepare a list of committees, their structures and functions for adoption by the Academic Senate.
    2. Present to the Senate a slate of all nominations to standing committees, including those nominated by petition.
    3. Fill all vacancies on standing committees other than the Committee on Committees which occur between annual elections and report all such actions to the Senate at the meeting immediately following such action.
    4. Conduct the election of members at large to the Academic Senate as provided hereinafter.
    5. Conduct any other election as requested by the Steering Committee or the Faculty Executive Committee.
    6. Review and report on the operations of all of the committees of the Academic Senate.
    7. Advise and provide assistance to committees in the mechanics of committee operations.
    8. Designate a member(s) of the Committee on Committees as liaison(s) with Academic Senate committees.
    9. Receive and report on suggestions to establish or terminate committees of the Academic Senate.

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