Continuing Education Committee

2013-2014: (3 Members)

Drini, M.  
Jordan, F. Secretary
Rome, B. Chair
vacant Steering Committee Designee
Ward, D. President's Designee
Santoro, M. COC Liaison

Section 17. The Committee on Continuing Education

The Committee on Continuing Education shall consist of three (3) members of the instructional staff and one (1) student.

The Committee on Continuing Education shall:

  1. Report and recommend to the Academic Senate on services and facilities available to the Continuing Education programs.
  2. Serve as a mechanism for articulation between the Continuing Education instructional staff and students, and the Academic Senate.
  3. Consider and evaluate proposals received from faculty, students, and the community regarding policies pertaining to Continuing Education.
  4. Recommend to the Director of Continuing Education proposals and policies which would enhance the operation of the Continuing Education Program.

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