Committee on Course & Standing

2014-2015: (9 Members)

MembersDepartmentTerm Ends/Title
Aikas, Rose Marie Social Sciences 2015
Armstrong, Daniel HPED 2016
Capozzoli, Gina Student Affairs 2016
Fragopoulos, George English 2015
Mauro, Hayes Art and Design 2015
Nguyen, Andrew Biological Sciences 2017
Sarkar, Nina Business 2016
Shin, Jun Chemistry 2017
Jilani Warsi  Academic Literacy 2017
Bialo-Padin, Aithne History COC Liaison
Tullio, Ann   President's Liaison
Pierre Louis, Ted   Student C. Rep.
Miller, Cherene   Student C. Rep.

Meets one Friday a month. 9:30 in A104. Meetings held after the 15th of the month

Section 18. The Committee on Course and Standing

The Committee on Course and Standing shall consist of nine (9) members of the instructional staff and, in accordance with the Governance Plan, there shall be two (2) student members who shall participate and vote only on matters of policy.

The Committee on Course and Standing shall:

  1. Formulate and recommend to the Academic Senate policies pertaining to the academic standards of Queensborough Community College including scholastic requirements for graduation, retention standards, probationary limits, and the grading system.
  2. Consider individual student appeals, interpret, and in some cases, waive existing College policies.

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